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Today's News

Hello August. Join us today, We are all about Craziness in this issue!

Healthy Craziness!

We think the following screenshow is healthy because it has to make you laugh. Now THIS is worth a look. Of course the humor confirms our own craziness.

Unhealthy Craziness!

See on one page how crazy we are becoming as a nation. That was my first take as I read my first story of the day (after the weather) My second look adds one positive: a "good" to Rhode Island, Minnesota and the following twitter post:
You need sexual harassment training to know that groping and kissing co-workers is inappropriate?

Roll Your Eyes Craziness!

Looking at these two stories you can only roll your eyes. In our first story we would almost like to go listen to car salesmen telling us what great buys these (no doubt) completely fixed and reconditioned vehicles are.The sales promo is all ours we done went and writ it!

Now is the time to buy. Yes. We have just added these completely fixed and reconditioned vehicles to our inventory. They are priced to sell and you will get the buy of a lifetime!

Congress is working hard Just look at the history. Only 40 votes taken on this issue!

Powerball: The Lottery!

This story from ABC is getting to be a tradition. It is sort of fun to see how the advice changes from version to version. A mere $235 million is currently up for grabs. Or make that about $117 Million in take home pay.

Lottery Search More than you could ever want on Powerball:

A glimmer of our future?

Are we getting a look at what our future is going to look like? Dead zones in the gulf, growing? Or will we do omething about it? See what's happening:

Saving American History!

We've reported on this before. Obviously some creative solutions are needed fast. Take a look at what remains to be done with so few resources:

What's Next for CVN?

It is hard to say what's next for CVN. I only know: It's back to the laptop and limited interneting. My desktop went down yesterday. Not the hard disk, just the win XP OS. The computer is back with my tech, and I suspect another clean install coming. To read more about this, if you are interested in how it affects me. Read the blog!

Coffin within a Coffin

We Got Buzzed!

Well wouldn't you know. Yup we got buzzed. If we woudda got hit, everyone would know. My computer goes down and I totally missed capturing this story for all of us yesterday.

We missed the fun, but there are bound to be video re-runs. The commentsarealmostalways worth a look.

Robin Williams!

Talented actor and comedian, Robin Williams, returns to TV.

What's Next for Batteries?

A nice video and accompanying transcript with additional links. Good detail. Predictions: faster, smaller, more powerful, and cheaper!

Real Life Choices

This man will be a hero to many. And for good reason. He made a choice.

Beating Those Credit Errors

A great win for consumers. We can only hope she collects.

Screen Show: Real Heroes?

We think these are real heroes. These are stories about overcoming barriers. Read their brief stories beside their pictures and see if you agree. We were glad to find these uplifting stories after looking at so much sad news.

What Do You See?

Look at the picture, go with your first thought. Read the short story, then click Source at the bottom and read comments. The comments make this story. Did you see what I saw?


These are amazing pictures of clouds. More are available too within the story. We enjoy taking pictures of clouds too. Unfortunately, perhaps fortunately, we don't capture any like these.

That "Swedish" Amnesiac?

We've been saving this one. Knowing more research would be coming, we waited until a little more was added. This story is far from done. There will be more. There will be related stories too.

Here is an updating search on this amnesiac:

Two Screen Shows

USA Today: this one is on Weird and wacky festivals around the world. It gives you a chance to plan for next year, if you want to join some of this insanity.

Flickr has some great scenery in this one. Just gorgeous we say.

Video News Links

Friday we showed you our ABC link which lets you explore a bunch of different ABC Videos. Saturday we add USA Today. We wonder what we might find for Sunday.

Photos Everyday!

All of these picture shows offer some text. Some more than others. Enjoy!

ABC's latest slide shows:

News Photos (archives on the bottom of the page):

Science Ideas:

Animal Tracks:

Inside LegoLand:

90 photos of movie and TV stars:

MSN Must See:

Beliefs Addition

We've been pondering and piddling on this one for years. Now we have a start. Will it move forward? Will it have anyone but me playing with it? We won't know for a while. But we will find out. See what you think of the new page. Take a look at:

3DP: The Weekly Sentinel

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What's summer without BOOKS?! And, if you don't know, you can download a kindle for pc app from Amazon. We did and are enjoying FREE books on a 19" screen.
Kindle free books search:

Odd News

We're keeping this as a daily feature.

Transparency or Secrecy

Guardian: Lots to read and view, if you are interested.

Older Projects

We do have several older, ongoing projects that need work on and they are listed below. Each will be changing over the next year. We will alert you when each is ready. Anyone want to help?

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