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Welcome to September! Join us today: for movie trailers, comics, and jokes for this Labor Day Weekend.

Movie Trailers!

Riddick with Vin Diesel is coming September 6! A great action character. My wife says: "plan on going alone." lol I will.
Info and 4 trailer versions on Riddick: Lots more different trailers:


We loves searches when we get good results! Take a look at some comics.


We managed to snag two sites that seem like fun. We hope you agree!

And a song to go with this story:

Football Site Survey for scores!

YES! College football is underway. We are just a bit excited. We looked at a bunch of major Game Sites with scores! We add the links, take a quick look and jotted down a few impressions. Some sites we actually had to search for, most were just listed in site links. The offerings vary from site to site, but our page allows you to explore them all and see what you think. Be warned, our review is NOT comprehensive, but it was fun to gather them all in one place.

We didn't see any section for scores, conferences and game stories are available.

NBC Sports:
Nice simple black/white layout, Be sure to set your refresh rate, located beneath the conference selection bar.

ABC: No score page, just stories.
(ESPN is used, but you have to GO to ESPN.

ESPN: ( )
Lists games on the ESPN network, ABC, and other locations: Big Ten Network, Longhorn Network, Fox1 etc. offers Box Score, Drive Chart, Play-By-Play, Conversation, and Highlights.

Self updating with live scores, also has betting lines, offers upcoming games, game times, previews and recaps from the page, opening a new tab or page.

Yahoo! Sports:
A colorful presentation, with new tab or pages when you click the team name, or on the game. Offers stats, video, pictures, scoring summaries and player links.

Fox Sports:
Adds head to head displays, Game trax, odds and tickets. Also has top performers: passing rushing receiving for the week, has team icons

USA Today:
Ticket info, stats, previews, rosters, top performers: passing rushing receiving for each game

Understanding Your Friends?

Do you know a Debby Downer or a Gloomy Gus? Here is a bit of an explanation that just might help you see why they are as they are.

Scientifically Literate?

This Fifty question quiz with immediate feedback after each item, totals your score and compares to the "average reader" . It's fun, offers a learning opportunity, and my 52% did not make the grade. Can you beat my score?

New Longest Canyon Discovery

We've got pictures and the story.
The story:

The pictures (has some others too):

This Week's Craziest Crimes

The things we humans do! Take a look at the craziest crimes of the week from USA Today:

ODO, Srsly?

Oxford Dictionary Online (ODO) has seriously (Srsly) added a bunch of terms that make for fascinating reading, but will certainly send grammarians spinning, mmm maybe twerking, to their grave. The blog has a fun presentation and full listing of the terms added

Our story source:

How Low Car Dealers Can Sink

With all the crazy changes and stories about car dealer rip offs, that taint even the reputations of the good ones that are out there, you need to see the latest identified gimmick, "yo-yo practices", being used.

A Different Presentation of the News

It was interesting as we went through our news sources we saw ABC joining USA Today and CNN with the news feature of Five things for your day. And, no, we aren't going to inflict those URLs into your day. USA Today gets kudos for adding an unusual feature:

We weren't sure that it would work to separate this out, but it does remain tied to USA Today and we now see this feature full screen. We encourage you to play with it and see the many related stories that are displayed.

Mind Control?

Maybe Mind Control, maybe not. Still it may represent one more step toward multiple possibilities mentioned in the article.

Fall TV Guide

Find out the when and what of the fall TV schedule.

Teacher Resources

Here is the site,

Searching for Peace, justice, and harmony

This could be a search worth a lifetime of activity. Our results, maybe not quite so much.

"My Self" Search

This is our true life long search. Our self is what we live with and attempt to deal with on a daily basis. While such a bing search is fun, it isn't as productive as talking to your self. Yes you can talk to yourself. Start by asking questions and then the hard part begins. It's called listening to your responses. (Not recommended for public activity unless you are an actor, writer, or certified!)

Search for "Life"

It seemed a natural follow up to our previous searches. If I had thought about it, I probably wouldn't have. I knew the first results from searches made long ago. Still it is fun to see what has been added and how extensive the results have grown.

NFL Preseason Search

The final week of preseason NFL games. "With the regular season beginning on Sept. 5, all 16 games this week will be held on Thursday, and only two of them will be televised nationally." Those games are: NY Giants at New England, and San Franciso 49s at San Diego on the NFL Network.

College Football Search

College Football starts Thursday, August 29!

And most importantly What games when!

Tentative Hopes for Schizophrenia

As one of the many invisible diseases plaguing mankind, this possible discovery of "the switch" could lead to help or even cures for at least some of the variations found within what has always been a "garbage bag" diagnosis. Many patients suffering from mental illnesses that cannot be otherwise classified have often been assigned to the shizo family of diseases, throughout history.

Wiki article:

Toon Town Closing

Another set of 3D worlds is shutting down. This CNN iReport attempts to encourage Disney to change their mind.

Chicago Begins School

Closing schools, laying off staff. Here is what's happening.

Online Master's Degree

The Georgia Institute of Technology rocked the higher education world when it announced plans to offer a fully online master’s degree in computer science for roughly one-seventh the price of its on-campus equivalent – less than $7,000.

Storms and Earthquakes

We created a few weather searches so we - and our readers - could keep up on the latest devastation news happening too often these days around the world. We may play with our search parameters. It doesn't seem to be sorting the stories very well.




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