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Welcome to December!
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Today's News

Join us for a look at Bing's picture of the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, China, Pictures: Around the World, Curious Pronoun Use, NaNoWriMo, the comics and We kept Five Things Compared for Saturday. Articles on Thanksgivukkah, Comet ISON: A Guide, and a few others.

BING: Picture of the Day

Today view Bing's pictures of the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, China. We check this feature daily and continue to be impressed with the beauty found around the world. Take a look.

Pictures: Around the World

Here are picture links from our news sources. Most have additional galleries on their sites:
Macey's Parade:
CBS: We chose Black Friday Shopping (NO Fights!)
Yahoo: Thailand Lantern Festival:
MSN: We chose bizarre wildlife:
BBC: Cars:
CBC: Aids in China: Hockey:

The Guardian: Week in wildlife:
Week in pictures(NBC)
ABC:(has tabulated Votes on the same NBC feature)

Curious Pronoun Use

This is one story from one college, but it may have a broader effect.


"The Nano site says 'excited for January and February to start. Why? Because we're diving into our 'Now What?' Months—59 days full of tips and tricks for revising, editing, and publishing."

jdb wraps up the numbers and his notes: "Another month of fun and challenges are gone. November has slid into the old bin of history. Now we face December, winter, and Christmas. Celebrations, office parties and complaints about holidays will move to the forefront of the news.

"My journey through this year's Nano story ended in my blog yesterday. People around the world pounded out their goal of 50,000 words. They recorded their word count and validated it. Those writers fought their own self, family, friends, jobs, computer errors, no internet access, and their story to get that job done.

Their comments, pleas for help, and word count, are posted at

This year, 214,999 writers were signed up to participate by November 1. On my early daily morning visit on December 1, the number of writers rose from yesterday's 308, 071 to 309, 021 .

This fun NaNo experience has ended, but the site goes on! It's FREE. And people will continue to join NaNoWriMo daily. My finalized word count surprised me. I lost more words in the validation than ever before. I went from my computer total of 53,013 total words posted to 52,445 validated words at the beginning of December 1. The site has raised more than one million dollars in donations for their projects."

The Comics

The Comics change Daily! Sadly the second site does not present as much initial content with the editorial cartoons.

New from USA Today: Editorial Cartoons:
Their success at presenting multiple ad impressions is an editorial cartoon all by itself! One new one is added daily.

Five Things Compared

It's Saturday, let's check! CBS appears to have joined the short news list. Goodbye ABC. USA Today is often a different feature. CNN's Newday link is automatic. Now five sites auto update, which is nice! USA Today's remains the most different in US news. Canada's CBC audio is the most different to US listeners.

CBS Video: Eye Opener: WOW the world in 9 seconds. Good job! It may be from yesterday, but it is new. "Latest video" is listed too
Yahoo: Another picture today and list of story links:

CNN: WOW nothing new??? Interesting. Even the weekend page is old. They put it in Politics on Obamacare:

USA Today: Today they switched again, offering

They have links on the page for the newest versions. That works!! Yay USA Today. It is almost as good as auto updates.
They do have Five For Thanksgiving Day:

Great video on the Parade! Five things you need to know. Short and sweet, with video option. Short articles, getting longer? They change the ID #. Link not repeatable. It should be!

BBC "one minute news" (about 1:30 with ad: video:

CBC: Audio 2 min news:
Maybe we are slow, but we just discovered that full broadcasts are available too.

A Golden Voice?

This video and voice is an experience. All from a 14 yrs. old kid. We'd say he gives the man with the golden voice a run for his money! There are other short fun videos here too.


WE could do worse than edit a bit of the Wiki article to give you a quicker overview! Depending on how you look at it this holiday my not return until 2070 or 79811! So you best get to celebrating this year!!

"Thanksgivukkah is a pop-culture portmanteau neologism given to the convergence of the American holiday of Thanksgiving and the first day of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah on Thursday, November 28, 2013.

Our Source:
Thanksgiving News Search:

Comet ISON: A Guide

We treked outside to a beginning dawn, cool crisp air, and a clear sky. No comet visible to the eye, but a great way to begin any day. We relied on the pictures in our "latest news" story below.
Latest News:

Have you read any of these stories? Here is a linked two minute+ video that will guide you to viewing Comet ISON. We had the fun of a clear sky this pre-dawn morning. We wandered out to see the signs of sunrise , the moon up high and several bright stars this chilly morning.

Independent Scotland?

Here we go again. Can they sell this program to the voters?

Sunday's American Music Awards Obamacare We found a one stop news source. We think it works better than just grabbing stories. Think we will keep it! This will likely remain a constant news attack point until January's budget talks take front stage, center again:

The Supreme Court Current Session

Here is a search to keep up with news from John Roberts and the Supremes!

Storms and Earthquakes

We created a few weather searches so we - and our readers - could keep up on the latest devastation news happening too often these days around the world. We may play with our search parameters. It doesn't seem to be sorting the stories very well.




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We do have several older, ongoing projects that need work on and they are listed below. Each will be changing over the next year. We will alert you when each is ready. Anyone want to help?

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