The population today at 9:44 AM Cybertown Time (CyT) numbered 930,233 registered citizens!

Birthday Greetings to Mystonia, petlover4life, and tidus1123!

[To have your birthday acknowledged in the News please post the date in the Cybertown Calendar (access from the control panel ~ right hand frame). The Calendar gets checked every weekday!]

Please note that at all events and activities are posted in CyT (Cybertown Time).

Cybertown wishes to thank citizens for independently creating colony-related websites. As the sites are outside of Cybertown, Cybertown is not responsible for the content on those websites.



VIR-CON 2002:

Cybertown is a co-marketing partner of the Vir-Con 2002, the Official 3D Virtual Star Trek convention, coinciding with the official Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada August 2nd - 4th.

There will be a 3D convention center with live streaming video from the stage in Vegas, built with blaxxun technology, making it easy for anyone to attend the convention via 3D.

All Cytonians will soon have access to the free 3D lobby, you can even "take" your screen name with you. There you can register for the convention, participate in dynamic giveaways and attendee/celebrity interaction. All Cytonians will receive a discount off registration, but you have to register early.

More details will be posted here soon and in a forthcoming Virt Alert. We hope you'll help get the word out about this fantastic event. The Star Trek Virtual Convention site has been launched with more information on the event. Any questions? Please send email to

Produced by virtual-conventions, llc. TM & 2002 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. virtual-conventions, llc authorized user.


The Teens Colony has announced plans for a citywide Prom and everyone is invited! There'll be great music, special appearances, and the conviviality of all your Cybertown neighbors. Come with friends or come alone and meet new ones!

Get your party av ready and mark your calendars to be in the Teens Colony Plaza this Saturday June 1st. The excitement begins at 7 PM CyT. Expect to party til midnight! Stay tuned to the Daily News for updates!



The cartoon of the week is brought to you by CVN cartoonist flouzemaker. Enjoy!

CVN is grateful to its staff cartoonists K.raptor and flouzemaker for all the humorous viewpoints they've provided for us here in Cybertown.


The Cybertown Mall Crafters Guild continues to accept entries in its latest contest: the Alien Lifeforms Competition. All Cytonians are invited to enter this exciting challenge and "to boldly go where no-one has gone before".

All that's required is to create a 3D version of some strange alien life form, from anywhere in the Universe, except Earth.

Prizes are a 3D trophy and 50k in city cash for the winner, 20k cc for second place, and 10k cc for third place!

You do not have to be an MCG member to participate, but your object does have to adhere to certain rules. Please consult the Mall Crafters Guild website for the rules and the entries to date.

The competition has been running since April 20th; the last day to submit entries is June 20th. So get it in gear!

Thanks to everyone who has entered the competition so far. You can check out the competition in the Mall and even purchase your own life form to take home!


The Adventure Colony's Imagination Neighborhood is 7 months old now and a celebration is planned for this Friday May 31st at 5 PM CyT. Everyone invited!

Many special events are scheduled. As well as their 9th block - Forbidden Paths - opening, there'll be a week-long trivia contest. You can earn 10k in city cash for the first correct answer per question! The trivia contest is in progress now, so check it out today!

And on Friday, May 31st at 5 PM CyT there'll be a beach bash with door prizes, trivia and avatar contests (dancing avs, best beach avs and a beach av race), just to name a few of the entertainments. It will be a great time for all! (Look for the link to the party here in the News on Friday.)


Join The Trek! The latest Adventure Trek marks the second year of Adventure Colony's interactive events.

You don't have to be a resident of Adventure. Every Cytonian is invited to participate. Sign up now at Adventure-Trek's house in order to receive the information necessary to start your virtual journey.

This trek leads teams to various locations where you'll deal with various tricky situations. Finding your way, solving problems, being unconventional and inventive are the only requirements for success! Good team work will be certainly of advantage, but single approaches are possible as well. Check out the details today as The Adventure Continues!


Be a beta-tester for a new 3D interactive game now online at! Cybertown residents have been asked to participate in this special experience.

The game is a multi-user role playing adventure based on the Lewis and Clark expedition in America. Can you survive the long journey from St. Louis to Oregon and back? Choose to be Captains Lewis or Clark, a soldier, hunter or guide and blaze a trail through the Northwest! Try it out today at It is VRML based so your current plug-in for Cybertown will do fine.

The "Corps of Discovery, Lewis and Clark Expedition" will be tied into an upcoming movie as well. Stay tuned for further announcements!

1000 cc Awarded Each Week
in this Art Gallery Contest

Thanks to the dedicated staff of the Art Gallery, Cytonians are picking up some city cash in a most artistic manner. The "Who Painted Me?" contest has been running in CT for the past several weeks and continues to gain in popularity.

Each week a famous painting by a well known artist is uploaded to a Gallery web page. The first person to name the correct title and artist by posting to the Gallery inbox wins 1000 cc! Naming just the artist or the correct title wins you 500cc.

Challenge yourself and play today!


Find out who's behind the Cybertown nickname! And get your picture up and smiling in the Faces of Cybertown site ~ an ever-expanding gallery of Cytonians.

To be included in the Faces of Cybertown site, email your "real life" picture (in .jpg or .gif  format) and nickname to Many thanks to Lexa for providing this site.

[Cybertown wishes to thank citizens for independently creating Cybertown-related websites. As the sites are outside of Cybertown, Cybertown is not responsible for the content on those websites.]


Find out what's happening in your sector of cyberspace at colony happenings. Send colony announcements to: The Daily News.

Get the details on club contests & activities in Cybertown. You can also consult the Club Directory (use the Jump Gate) for the complete listings. There's bound to be a club to interest you. Send club announcements to:  The Daily News.

!     Advertise in the Classifieds! Submit your classified ad to: The Daily News. Please include how you wish to be contacted in your ad.

Advertisements will run for a term of one month. Ads will need to be resubmitted if you wish to have them run any longer than that.

[Cybertown wishes to thank citizens for independently creating Cybertown-related websites. As the sites are outside of Cybertown, Cybertown is not responsible for the content on those websites.]

16 March 2090

The Cybertown Unified Ban Policy has been updated once again. Please make sure that you are aware of the revised rules and security procedures as soon as possible.

The purpose of the UBP is to clarify the points made in the Cybertown Constitution so that there is an understandable set of consequences for common infractions. The intention is not in any to restrict freedoms but rather to make participation in the site enjoyable and safe for all.


Be sure to read the Cybertown Weekly Magazine!

It's full of fun and useful content independently created by CVN reporters, editors and trainees.


Cybertown Constitution, the site's Legal Notices, and Unified Ban Policy will all be enforced swiftly and thoroughly.


No one in Cybertown needs anyone's Cybertown password for anything ever. You will never be required to give out your password for a Cybertown job. Whoever asks for it should be reported to Security immediately!

It has come to the attention of Cybertown Staff that some people are being told that in order to have a job in Cybertown they must give out their Cybertown login password so that they can be given access rights to do their job. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Your login password is yours and yours alone. Please DO NOT give out your password to anyone in Cybertown for any reason. Any legitimate person who wants to hire you for a job in Cybertown does not need your login password for any reason.

Any legitimate Cybertown or blaxxun staff person will never ask you for your password. If anyone asks you for your login password on condition of employment, please report that person's nickname to Cybertown Security immediately along with a chat log if you have it.

It's prudent to change your password frequently. To change your password: at login click on the "Change Your Password" link on the right.

Thank you for helping us keep Cybertown safe and secure!


Citizens are reminded to keep abreast of all that's happening in your neighborhood and around town. As well as the Daily News and the Feedback Boards, there are your local block, neighborhood and Colony message boards to check on as well!

And as well, here are some helpful links to help you around town:


Although there are new versions of blaxxun's Contact out, the ideal version for use in 3D Cybertown is still version 4.4

Cybertown's recommendation: download only 4.4!


In case you were thinking of hacking, you might wanna read this article on how Cybertown treats hackers first. The number of activities now legally included in the term "hacking" are growing.



Bookmark this URL! Cybertown C.E.R.B. You never know when you might need it!

C.E.R.B. (Citizens Equity Review Board) provides mediation and judgment for conflicts and offenses, whereby affording all citizens the right to appeal a ban. Generally speaking, the C.E.R.B. will mediate a wide variety of appeals for both Criminal and Civil cases rendering a final judgment on the case.


Are you proud of your Cybertown citizenship? Display your community spirit by using CT merchandise! Make your choice from a
ll the great stuff at the Cybertown Store. An excellent selection of gifts! And now we have a special section where you can find great gifts for your family and friends too! Check it out.

The Cybertown Store is always open! Adorn your workspace with brilliant mouse pads, mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts and more! - in Mina, CT skyline and logo, and even Cyberhood versions. And there are additional items coming soon, so stay tuned!

The Cybertown Store is also accessible through the Jump Gate.


We want to reward you for sending your friends to Cybertown! Details on the variety of ways to earn city cash are at the "Need More CyberCash?" link in the right hand corner of your screen once you've entered Cybertown.

And be sure to tell your friends to enter your name in the referral portion of their registration form - your nickname must be spelled correctly!


Useful new tech info: at this time, Netscape 6 won't work with the 2d chat in Cybertown seemingly due to the new way this Netscape version handles Java. A successful action to get 3D to work is by taking the plugins (npbx3d.dll, npbx3dpro.dll and npbxpro.dll) out of Netscape Communicator's plugin folder and putting them in Netscape 6's plugin folder. Make sure Netscape is shut down before doing that though!

The Cybertown Help Files are comprehensive and contain the information you need to survive and flourish in Cybertown. Put together by Tin-Leon with the seal of approval from Red5, Cybertown's Community Operations Manger, and reviewed by the City Guides, it is here for your use.



Most articles from previous issues of the Daily News can be found at Past Headlines.


If you want screen captures of your party or special event please send an email to the CVN Cytographer with details. Please give at least a few days notice; your consideration is appreciated.


Get your free Cybertown email at the Post Office! Emails move faster and arrive in more style when they end with! Just click on the Post Office at the Jump Gate in the right hand frame and complete the application.   


Cybertown's Privacy Policy is important to know for your own protection, but it's also important to know if you're planning any events in Cybertown that may require registration of member names. In accordance with new law, only Cybertown nicknames can be requested (no ages, email addresses or "real world" information).

Here is C-town's official Privacy Statement.

 In order to advertise a community event as "citywide", plans/proposals need to be submitted and approved by Cybertown. Please email your event proposals here.

This does not mean that you have to get authorization to hold block, neighborhood, colony, or club parties to which everyone is invited or for local contests held within your 'hood. This process is for more major event ideas that involve the entire community.

Cybertown is appreciative of everyone's contributions and enthusiasm and this policy ensures coordination, backup, guidance, and the best publicity possible. Thanks!


Cybertown citizens may submit articles to CVN at any time for consideration and possible use.
To submit news items
or requests for special event coverage
please email to:
CVN: The Daily News

For screen shot coverage
please send an email to
the CVN Cytographer

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