No More Noticeable Changes Found
by jdb_educator, CVN
---February 20-29 2100 --- We do not see any other changes yet. We did analyze one of the error web pages that comes up and note that it reveals a "database error".
---February 19 2100 --- There does seem to be some confusion about yesterday's post, so we will attempt to clarify that. The only login page working is the redirect we always use. Our login is: and we can only get forbidden or the "no index" page after logging in. When we type in an incorrect password, the application tells us so.

The immigration page is also on the redirect page. Try it without logging in and you'll probably see that same page we see.

If you do not usually use the redirect login:
it is a combination of this address followed by your Cybertown nick. (Then type your nick)
You can -when CT works- use any citizens name and go to their house, after logging in. Of course that ability is not working right now.

---February 18 2100 --- Good Morning. It is Saturday and we discovered that the immigration page is up. The quick help page does not just say no index, but then we have images of both for you today as we document what appears to be progress. Still no access but, at this time minor progress.:

The images:
Quick help not available:

What Happened to CT?!
by Vaille, CVN
---February 16 2100 --- "CT became very unstable... kept going down more and more. IVN chose to change providers (went to AT&T) and there's been a slew of problems with the move. The most recent has something to do with permissions and that's causing the "forbidden access" type of page that's coming up now when we try to go there. On February 10th I was told it could take 2 weeks, but I don't consider that a promise that nothing else could go wrong to delay things further.

I seem to be able to get to at least a partially migrated subscription page, but to be honest I don't know if any changes I make there will translate to the actual member database so I think it best to wait until CT is back up. I'd hate to mess anything up more! :o)"

Vaille urges those who want their free subscription to "Keep your eye on Facebook and when you see that the city is back up contact me again, okay?"

Cybertown Rising?
---February 14 - 29 2100 --- We are exploring with additional city links. We find no huge changes .
---February 13 2100 --- no changes .
---February 12 2100 --- no changes noted.
---February 11 2100 --- I got the redirect page again. The log in is apparently working. I tried a wrong password and it was identified as an incorrect password. However, trying to get the "quick help page" off of the redirect page has resulted in the usual: no index page

---February 10 2100 --- In our clicking around exploration today, we discovered the new member page displays, but without images, like the other few pages. Attempting to log in still does not work, and any saved link may just take you to the redirect sign in page or one of the other pages that go no where.

---February 9 2100 --- We got our usual navigation cancelled this morning, so we refreshed and discovered the redirect page! No images were loading, but we tried logging in anyway, getting a black blank page and finally ended up with the no index page but there were CYBERTOWN Pages! We took screenies so you can see what we saw. Several individuals have reported similar experiences to us.

Redirect: (114 kb)

Black: (66 kb)

Forbidden: (80 kb)

No index page: (72 kb)

---February 8 2100 --- Yesterday, we had a bit of a shock when we clicked our Cybertown link late this morning. (12:50 PM CYT). This is what we saw: (151 kb)

Older History
Waiting For Cybertown

by jdb_educator

--- February 8 2100 --- (7:44 AM EST) the usual checks. Not found.
--- February 7 2100 --- (7:20 AM EST) the usual checks. Not found.
--- February 6 2100 --- (6:18 AM EST and several times through the day) Routine checks, only blank, "not found" pages. We will continue to check
--- February 5 2100 --- A few more checks yesterday and this morning. No change. Nothing found. We can only wait and hope that everything gets working again

--- February 4 2100 --- Three more checks yesterday with no page found. At 6:48 AM CyT(EST) Saturday morning, we still find oureselves reporting nothing found.

--- February 3 2100 --- As of 7:08 AM Friday, we still find "not found" when we search. We will continue daily reports, now and watch for citizen reports.

--- February 2 2100 --- As of 7:16 AM we could not acess the city yet. But there is Good News: from IVN, late yesterday "...they are having a tough time getting our line up and running. I am scheduled to speak with them and their technical team today so that we can resolve this problem. I anticipate that service should be restored sometime soon during the week. Will keep you udated."

--- February 1 2100 --- Welcome to a new month. As of 6:30 CYT, we are still unable to pull up any cybertown pages. We will continue to check and report as news comes in.

--- January 31 2100 --- February starts tomorrow. As of 7AM CyT(EST) the site was still not showing up in our browser. However we did receive good news this morning around 8 AM EST. Wovencroft tells us "The new IP is there I can ping it after clearing my ipconfig cache. The city platform is not running yet." Our take is that IVN techs are trying to resolve problems associated with the move. Even though we cannot currently access Cybertown, it IS nice to know the site continues, even in the current limbo of the inaccessible.

--- January 30 2100 --- Unbelievable to our mind, but perhaps others are in fact finding Cybertown? We urge you to email us or contact us on Facebook, if and when you discover Cybertown online. We have been checking several times during the day since Cybertown began this transition. It could be that the trusted site designation is causing problems too, we just do not know. As of ths writing, our browsers are very quick to tell us simply "Not Found."

--- January 28 2100 --- The ISP Change is underway. We will continue to report here for as long as Cybertown remains offline. It should not take more than 24 - 48 hours for the new ISP host to spread its ID numbr through the Internet. The old number we used, we gathered today. It was was Our efforts to contact people to alert them garnered us one email of thanks. You can tell when CT is back by clicking this URL and seeing if the news anchor image has returned or just click your URL for Cybertown.

--- January 27 2100 --- IVN says: "Please alert CT members that the migration will now be taking place on Friday January 27 sometime after 3:00pm PST. Thanks" (6 pm EST or CYT!)
--- January 24 - 26 2100 --- No word. We will update you when we hear or know. lol This is definitely a non-story!

--- January 23 2100 --- Still no word on the ISP Change.
--- January 20 2100 --- No news on change, no news on what happened to yesterday's effort to upload the news. We will send another file today.
--- January 19 2100 --- Still nothing new in our inbox, but the Daily News URL appears to be working.

--- January 18 2100 --- No additional information is available on when the IP change may happen. We did discover another crazy thing that has happened. We found the weekly news link has poofed from Cybertown. It was set up as a page link in the magazine folder, but no longer can be found. Beyond that we were astounded to see our update of the weekly has vaporized too. That could be something as simple as not publishing it, when we thought we did. The blog is supposed to replace the basic index.html at the cvnweekly site.
--- January 17 2100 --- We have powdered egg dust on our CVN faces folks! We believed the change had occurred from reports. In our hands this morning was an explanation that the IP shift has not happened for what appears to be good reason. We will continue to follow this wild and crazy (typical) Cytonian adventure and report on it.

Our Cybertown mayor gives us all excellent advice (thanks dazz!): "A good rule of thumb is to expect downtime soon, know that, and that when it happens, know the migration is likely taking place. For confirmation and/or updates as they are received, stay tuned to Cybertown's FaceBook Fan Page."

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled CT program....