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The New Century
January 1 2100

The Daily News situation is still under investigation, but not down, and Cybertown is "operating within normal parameters"!!! ----Cybertown Virtual News ... CVN is here for our citizens!!!

Welcome to the future: The current year is Now 2100 !

A New Century is Upon us: Celebrate January 1 2100 with: RBShepherd and all of Cybertown!
RBShepherd's RL birthday was yesterday --- "Happy New year and Happy Birthday to me LOL "

Happy New Century Cybertown!

Thanks twohot, Chase, Purple_Iris, GreatGodBal and RBShepherd for keeping our celebrations page active. We greatly appreciate your efforts !


by LadySilverSplash, Cybertown Mayor

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Something to Note Today
by GreatGodBal, Deputy Mayor

---Sunday January 1, 2100---Looking for inspiration for 2012? I often find mine in music. And such is the case today. The song I bring you today is not only an example of amazing deliverance it is the clearest signal I know of that everyone, no matter how inured to their own vices, can change for the better.

The song is "Amazing Grace". And it is the story of the song's author that is the inspiration.

What's that you say? I've already admitted I am not a Christian so what am I doing posting such a religious song? Listen to the story.

John Newton went to sea with his father at the age of 11. When his father retired, John was still a teen. But he was impressed into service on a British Man-of-War. There he found the conditions intolerable and deserted. Recapture was inevitable and he was. He was publically flogged and demoted to common seaman.

It took calamity for Newton to change. "Early in 1748 he was rescued by a sea captain" who had been asked by Newton's father to search for him. The ship he was on hit a storm so wild, this veteran seaman feared for his life. Having never done so before, Newton placed his life in the hands of his creator and pleaded for deliverance. The storm finally abated and Newton was able to continue his journey. It was in this storm that he was lost but became found.

Newton however continued some of his vices until he was struck down by convulsions and had to leave the sea. But he was already down the road to change. He became a prolific writer of hymns and a leading Methodist of his time... and lived the last 40 years of life in newfound grace.

I have loved this song from the first time I heard it. It has become a funeral song in my family, last heard by me from a lone piper playing in the background at my mother's funeral. But that doesn't stop me from finding in the song both inspiration and hope -- though often with a tear in my eye :)

Abuse of common seamen was typical on such highly disciplined ships as British men-of-war. And so is a retreat from abuse into common alcoholism, sexual adventure and abuse of others. John Newton was no exception. Though he negotiated a release from the man-of-war, he went from bad to worse, working aboard a ship transporting captured forced labourers in Africa.

In later writings, Newton admitted conditions aboard this first ship were worse for the common sailor than on a British Navy ship. But for the captured labourers, soon to be sold, the conditions were apalling. Chained together below decks in quarters so tight Newton says you could barely fit another in, an average of one quarter of them died.

Newton however had ideas on bettering his station and he eventually did. He became master and captain of a ship carrying kidnapped labourers on his own. And it was on one of these voyages Newton began to change and found the inspiration to write "Amazing Grace."

The Beginning of The Century Contest
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Sunday January 1, 2100--- WE ended the century with contests, and we will start the century with contests!
  • 1. What did you do to celebrate the new year?
  • 2. Will you make any New Years resolutions?
  • 3. Are you watching any Professional American Football games Today?
Post your answers to the editor and get 10k for each answer!
Post the Editor's inbox:
or email him at
Please use contest as your subject!

See even MORE Contests at

End of The Century Contest
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Friday December 30--- WE just gotta have an end of the century contest!!! Soooo: What are the greatest changes or inventions that will greet us in the year 2100? All answers are worth 25k CCs.

Post your responses to the editor and get 25k!
Post the Editor's inbox:
or email him at
Please use 2100 as your subject!

See even MORE Contests at

Out of Space??
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Sunday January 1, 2100--- The latest news we have was our publisher Vialle moved a huge load of files, and then tried to upload the Daily News, only to get the blank page effect some of us saw the first time this problem appeared. Today, we took a look and it is still a blank white page. Not the best way to start a new Century, decade, or year. However as all Cytonians know: "We deal with what is!". Cybertown continues to be open and FREE. Whatever happens in our immediate future will be determined by IVN.
Earlier we posted: CVN techs identified the problem with our Daily News. We were out of available space in the daily news folder! Our publisher Vialle is working on solutions. CVN and our readers will find out what that solution is soon. In the meantime we will continue using our alt Daily URL. For those of you who have clicked the regular Daily URL, you can see the daily news issue for May 29th 2090 (NINE years ago!) at Click quick, it could disappear at any time.

Our alternate site currently in use is

New Year Traditions
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Friday December 30--- dixie_darlin posted us - and we always enjoy getting inboxes and mail - she told us a German tradition, and that prompted some research!:

"The burning of a bayberry candle is a most important tradition in my household. It must be lighted after supper and allowed to burn itself out. If it does this naturally you are granted a new year of good luck.

Only once was this tradtion neglected and the year that followed was one of toil and trouble. We learned the hard way not to extinguish that candle that year."

Thanks dixie!! CVN Research:

End of Year CONTESTS
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Sunday January 1, 2100--- WE posted the End of Year contest to the colonies and feedback boards. We only got one reply. Chase4ever was sent 30k. Here are our questions and his response to them.
  • 1. What did you do to celebrate the new year?
  • >br>
    1. I hope to and plan to attend an Alcothon where I will be with others in recovery from alcoholism. Being sober since 1987 has made this annual event something that I really enjoy lots.
  • 2. Will you make any New Years resolutions?

  • 2. No New Year's resolution unless something
    occurs at the last minute.
  • 3. Are you watching any College (American College Football games) Bowl games?

  • 3. No; I'm not a sports fan but I hope everyone who is enjoys it to the max.

    Thanks for the fun, JDB, and Happy New Year
    to you and all of your other fans.

    Nine Year Old Contest?
    Winner Named!

    by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

    ---Sunday January 1, 2100--- Since the page preciousssssss viewed to answer our 9 yr. old contest poofed with the second effort to fix the daily news, we have reposted it at our alt site. The edition is here and was fromMay 2090

    ---Friday December 30--- preciousssssss posted us with the subject: name painting and artist telling us "I have no idea how long that ballerina painting has been up re name artist and the name of the painting in news. " (we didn't either but figured 9 years was close enough. The answer offered us the opportunity, naw, it required us to hunt and confirm preciousssssss' resonse.


    We awarded preciousssssss the 1000 CCs promised for a nine year ago contest for the picture identification and declare preciousssssss THE WINNER! (we suspect there have been other winners over the last several years.)

    Daily Location Not Working
    CVN Moves Temporarily to Alternate Location

    by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

    ---Sunday January 1, 2100--- Here is our alternate site for the New Years Editions until we have the daily url fixed... The weekly index and the daily alt will both continue as our "just in case" options and the weekly will not be updated until next week, unless the Cybertown server and our site slips away .

    Daily Alternate:
    Weekly News or Emergency Notification System URL:

    Bookmark our Alternate Daily location:

    January Board Contest Next ...
    December MB Challenge Captured

    by jdb_educator

    ---Sunday January 1, 2100--- Our plans continue for the January MB contest. We will review all bioards as we see them and take pictures, attempting to keep current on changes with a screenshow or list of images to be posted late in January.

    Adventure won in December. We have one more MB contest planned. Be sure to inbox us, catch us in chat, or email us that your colony is a candidate for our 1,000,000 CC payout in December.

    Any participating colonies MUST inbox us to tell us they are playing or we ain't gonna pay out our MONTHLY 1 million CC cash prize! To post the Editor's inbox:
    We will take a look at all the colony boards, on January 15, looking to see and hopefully screenshooting.

    Completion dates and themes:

    • on January 15 "New Year's theme" will be reviewed (completion date January 14).

    This Weeks Archives
    by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

    Having no access to the Daily News server, part of the requirements we live with, our archives this week go to our own site:
    Monday and Tuesday's Edition:
    Wednesday's Edition:
    Thursday's Edition:
    Friday and Satuday's New Years Eve Edition:

    What Holidays Are Coming?
    by jdb_educator, CVN Editor and

    Sunday January 1, 2100 (2012 for Earthsiders)
    • New Years Day
    • Circumcision of Christ (Christian)
    • New Year's Dishonor List
    • St. Basil's Day (E. Orthodox)
    • Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (Roman Catholic)
    • Z Day
    • Anniversary - Birth of First Baby Boomer
    • Mummers Parade (Pa, US)
    • Tournament of Roses Parade (Ca, US)
    • Rose Bowl Game (Pasadena, Ca)
    • Liberation Day (Cuba)
    • Independence Day (Haiti)
    • New Year (1st-3rd -Japan)
    • Independence Day (Sudan)
    Monday January 2
    • Happy Mew Year for Cats Day
    • National Motivation and Inspiration Day
    • Ratification Day (Georgia)
    • Ancestors' Day (Haiti)
    • Kakizome (Japan)
    Tuesday January 3
    • Congress Assembles Day
    • Drinking Straw Day
    • Earth at Perihelion
    • Memento Mori
    • National Thank God Its Monday! Day
    • Birthday - J.R.R. Tolkien (author)
    • Admission Day (Alaska)
    • Passport Presentation (Russia)
    • St. Genevieve Feast Day (France)
    Wednesday January 4
    • Dimpled Chad Day
    • Solar Eclipse
    • Trivia Day
    • World Hypnotism Day
    • Elizabeth Seton Feast Day (Roman Catholic)
    • Anniversary - Pop Music Chart
    • Birthday - Sir Isaac Newton (physicist/mathematician)
    • Admission Day (Utah)
    • Independence Day (Myanmar)
    Thursday January 5
    • Twelfth Night
    Friday January 6
    • Carnival Season
    • Epiphany
    • Little Christmas
    • Twelfth Day
    • Three Kings Day (Christian)
    • Admission Day (New Mexico)
    • Christmas (Armenian)
    • La Befana (Italy)
    Saturday January 7
    • I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day
    • Orthodox Christmas
    • Birthday - President Millard Fillmore (13th President)
    • Christmas (Russia)
    • Nanakusa (Japan)

    New Year's Greetings
    collected by jdb_educator
    My wish is for all of us to have a happy and prosperous new year, full of exciting days (and nights). May we all have peace and tranquility.

    John Boyden ( has sent you an ecard. To view your ecard, choose from the options below. Click on the following link: For your security, if you'd prefer not to click on links within this email:1. Type into your web browser2. Locate the ecard pickup link in the upper right-hand corner of the page3. Enter the following code --> 4513975768420

    Real World News
    by jdb_educator
    ---Updated Daily 2099--- News links for today and everyday.

    CNN (US):
    MSN (US):
    BBC (Great Britain):
    Guardian (Great Britain)

    CVN Movies Feature
    by jdb_educator

    ---Updated Daily 2099---Send us a review, if you go to the movies!

    Check the sites below for trailers, stories, and box office results.

    You can see what the current cash cow results look like at the box office by clicking: Reviews are also available!

    Anyone want to write reviews? One or two lines are enough to present an opinion. What do you go see? Tell us at CVN! To post at the Editor's inbox: . To email him at What are the coming movies that you are waiting for their release? Please use Movies as your subject!

    Bowl Month
    American College Football

    by jdb_educator
    For those of us who are college football fans, here is one easy link to keep you up to date on all of the 35 college bowls. In our last look they added a sub-division championship game.

    This Day In History?
    by jdb_educator
    ---Updated Daily 2099--- Take a look and find out what happened today, in history, at


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