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February 28 2013
Thank a Veteran today!

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Headline News

Goodbye February, the calendar moves on. ----

jdb says === Sequestration begins tomorrow ===

TV Fails/Renews!
by jdb_educator

--- February 28 2013 --- MSN has a photo report on canceled and renewed tv programs. Here is what they have:

Photoblog News!
by jdb_educator

--- February 28 2013 --- NBC has this kind of intriguing blog with pictures and story links.

Unusual Sea Creature!
by jdb_educator

--- February 28 2013 --- The fossil discovery adds to the record found for this 520 million year creature. Our second URL is a search for more information on it.We figure more will be revealed as the search pulls up older stories along with images.

Search for fuxhianhuiid:

Ah New Mexico!
by jdb_educator

--- February 27 2013 --- Today I saw the headline that New Mexico was first! Unfortunately we lead the nation in teenage pregnancy! I am so glad my kids are all grown. My heart filled prayers go out to all parents who have children in this increasingly hard world to raise kids.

On the positive side, General Colin Powell spoke to a pretty full house, last night here in Hobbs, NM. He comes across as a regular guy. His speaking tour also plugs his latest book. No surprise there. One thing he said resonated with me. lol And I feel lucky I can acurrately remember and report on one thing!

He told the audience not to seek role models. He told us to be our own role models.

Ponder that one. We will.

Changes Still Coming!
by jdb_educator

--- February 28 2013 --- And so the month ends. Some changes were actually made, more are coming. The actual work begins tomorrow. Most of my scanning and reporting time will be focused on revamping pages and ncreating new ones. There will be a brief daily report to show you what has been accomplished.

--- February 27 2013 --- This is certainly one of my failings. I ponder! Decisions and (eep!) actual work are needed!

We pondered as we attempted to review the news with this balky laptop this morning. It just wasn't working. We weren't in a problem solving mood either! We just wanted the computer to work. Therefore, we use this as an excuse for no more changes today.

What random thoughts flitted over, around, and through our bemused mind this morning? Here are a few we actually recall!

  • Exploring as a theme. Taking one or two issues and seeing where they go
  • Futurism, a focus on prediction, science, and science fiction
  • Self promotion as a writer and editor.
  • Exploration of social and philosophical issues : Change, growth, learning are examples
  • The possibilities are endless. The key is simple: What would be fun?

    --- February 26 2013 --- We are still piddling and pondering as various ideas and plans drift through and by our collective mind. Although several changes have been made this month, there are several more in store. With luck... a few may be ready tomorrow. As always a lot of what we do is on the fly during the one to two hours we daily try to reserve for our daily news.

    Today's News!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 28 2013 --- Sequestration arrives tomorrow? The Congress and our US government have failed us, the American people. The next month will begin to show us the results of no compromise politics.

    --- February 26 2013 --- Good Grief! More on Oscar bashing, attacks on the First Lady, Vatican sandals and the Papal conclave, winter storms, and of course sequestration. Ahhh the basic stupidity of party power politics. It is sad.

    The latest poll on CBS says most Americans believe the sequestration will hurt, but only 1/4 are paying close attention. What a surprise! The constant haggling has worn citizens down.

    The historical facts and record clearly show that it is always the poor who suffer more when the kinds of cuts that may well happen on Friday begin. If it happens, watch carefully the job figures, unemployment, and what happens with the growing housing market, and bank loans...

    There are honest people in this debate on both sides. I've got to believe that to maintain my own mental health...such as it is!

    --- February 25 2013 --- It was a pretty typical Monday Morning news scan. Absolutely nothing caught my eye. If you want to read any of these you can copy/paste the search terms we have, in italics, and are using in this story into our search URL below.

    We watched the Academy Award winners last night and were surprised often. The music was amazing.

    In the news today we skipped stories on Spending cuts, the Daytona 500, Vatican scandals, Pistorius, and Winter storms. We sat sipping coffee while the 30 mph wind blew light snow around the house among the frozen patches of ice spread along our driveway. The wind even knocked over our trash can! In case you were wondering, this issue took one hour and about twenty minutes to research, write, and html. Now uploading took more time, as our Internet began flickering. We had to wait for it to stabilize. Perhaps it is the wind blowing our telephone line uploads?

    Search for news to your hearts content at:

    One Man Does Make A Difference
    by jdb_educator

    A hero for our times? Agree or disagree, he made an impressive success of his life, and affected our entire society. Take a look at what this doctor accomplished in his life, and as Surgeon General of the US. He made a difference that is still affecting us decades later.

    Pet Food Recall!
    by jdb_educator

    Protecting our pets is important. Note the brands being recalled for possible health risk to YOUR pets.

    The Denver-based company is voluntarily recalling all of its products that were distributed nationwide through various retailers from April 20th to September 19th. The recalls include the brands: Boots & Barkley, BIXBI, Nature's Deli, Colorado Naturals, Petco, and Best Bully Stick items.

    Hidden Continents!
    by jdb_educator

    The amazing truths we find out are often just a science fiction novel away! This story on hidden land masses is science, not fiction!

    And what IS or was Rodinia? Wellll....

    Academy Awards Sunday Night!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 25 2013 --- And this year's Oscars are history. Now the avalanche of opinion takes over! The winners can be found on any regular news site.

    --- February 24 2013 --- The night for movie awards has arrived. The 85th Annual Academy Awards are on ABC tonight at 7 p.m. ET

    --- February 23 2013 --- It's crazy how much news is generated about the Academy Awards. And don't believe it will mend Sunday night, because there will be lots of stories about winners, losers, mistakes, errors, and anything writers can come up with to write.

    Academy Awards site:

    Google's site for the Awards:

    An End to Color Blindness?!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 24 2013 --- Sadly one type of color blindness does not seem to be helped. What is incredible is that some forms of color blindness are helped by these new glasses.

    " Color blindness, it turns out, comes in two primary varieties: red-green defects and blue-yellow defects. (Some people do have a third kind, a complete lack of color vision -- achromatopsia -- which affects about 1 in every 30,000 humans, mostly in Micronesia, the National Institutes of Health says."

    Mars Rover Analysis Coming!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 24 2013 --- Pictures from the Rover drilling are online. This amazing mission continues.

    China Hacking US?!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 24 2013 --- It seems likely that it is clear that China is hacking the US. It is equally likely the US is doing much the same. That would not surprise most people. The problem is that China may be getting huge tech gains from their operation. Just like Facebook, nothing is private, secure, or unavailable.

    China's Defense Ministry issued a flat denial of the accusations and called them "unprofessional." But Mandiant won kudos for the unprecedented level of detail in its report, including the location of a building in Shanghai's Pudong financial hub from which Mandiant said the unit had stolen "hundreds of terabytes of data from at least 141 organizations across a diverse set of industries beginning as early as 2006."

    Speed Up Old Computers?!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 23 2013 --- Oh wow! Good advice, succinctly written, with decent free applications embedded into the article. This one is a keeper folks. See if you agree:

    3D Cow Ears?
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 23 2013 --- 3D Cow Ears? Not exactly, although the cartilage seems to work best for the printing. The possibilities of 3D printing seems to be bringing us to an incredible level of scientific advancement

    The Best of Sportsmanship?
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 23 2013 --- This IS a feel good story, but there will be those who disagree. Why? They'll disagree because they think it is the competition and winning that matter. Watch for those articles. We've already seen that happen in football last year..

    No News Today!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 22 2013 --- Oh, sure there were plenty of stories. We just did not publish a Friday edition. Later in the day I read a few. Friday started with a rush to get Melanie to work. She taught school in the morning and went to her main job at Walgreen in the afternoon.

    As for me? Between Facebook and reading, I could not get fired up so I gave myself the day off. Thursday I had battled my laptop computer to get the news posted and I did not want to face those kind of problems a second day in a row.

    Yahoo! Changes!!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 21 2013 --- Last night I got my first look at Yahoo's changes on their news page. Over time readers will find there are more of the stories you click on and fewer of the stories you don't click on. It seems to be the Internet trend to give readers only what they appear to want. What about what readers need to see? We wonder how this will affect what we see on the Internet.

    Library of Congress
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 21 2013 --- "In a recent report to Congress, the Library of Congress - the largest library in the world- said nearly all of the audio and films recordings made before 1930 are lost."

    Fast Food Study
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 21 2013 --- It seems that a comparison of two different economic time frames suggests we are eating less fast food when we are broke. At least that is what we take away from the study! We know for a fact, that we are eating more fast food than the earlier period used for comparison, because we can eat out for up to $20 less.

    19 Clicks of Separation!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 20 2013 --- Studies tell us both truth and lies. This one seems to catch the popular interest with the idea of how far we are from websites, and the inter-relationship of the Internet.

    Change can be Hard!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 19 2013 --- Change can be hard! Yeah, you knew that. All of us deal with change on a daily basis. We see it in every phase of life. Sometimes we choose it, sometimes we reject it, and sometimes it is forced upon us through rule changes. But it happens, and we change. We change in how we see things, how we react, and the choices we make. So... How are you changing today?

    CVN has not announced any of the major changes yet. We consider them each morning as we select and produce the news. We've made a few tweaks so far but the major changes are yet to come. They are coming. Sadly, we cannot tell you what they all are, but you will see a few of them by the end of this month.

    (We cannot tell you because we do not yet know what they will be!)

    There are several pages that will be remade and presented to you. That, we DO know!

    Goodbye Hotmail!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 19 2013 --- Microsoft's change to is taking place faster than originally expected. Our second URL includes a video look. It is expected that all active Hotmail accounts will be migrated to by the end of summer. It is only your choice whether you keep your account. You cannot choose to just keep Hotmail.

    CNET's Earlier report:

    Internet Rules!
    by jdb_educator

    --- February 16 2013 --- Ah here is some Saturday fun that also gives a pause for thinking about our World Wild Web

    Our Archives!!
    by jdb_educator, CVN
    We have been saving our previous days page by merely adding the month, day and year. So Each index page becomes index + date: and they go all the way back to . Missing may be a few days when the Daily page was working in Cybertown.

    ---March 9 2100 --- Our reported discovery of major CT changes on March 8 is renamed index-2-030812 It was a rare second edition on that date.

    by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

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