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March 8

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Solar Flares
Internet Problems?

by jdb_educator
---March 8--- Solar Flares are to reach Earth, perhaps disrupting the Internet. This is the largest stprm in five years. That could be the cause of our of our "navigation cancelled" trip to Cybertown this morning. " The peak of the storm is expected to hit Thursday morning; it may gradually diminish by Friday morning."

Email us with your experiences. Email
Please use Solar as your subject!

Political Pranks
from Reader's Digest

by jdb_educator
---March 8--- These historic "pranks" and dirty tricks have derailed candidates, created bizarre news, and brought us laughter and consternation. Sometimes they have even shown us truth. Reader's Digest has a screenshow that is worth your time:

March Madness
by jdb_educator
---March 8--- The traditional annual basketball madness is moving toward the NCAA and NIT College tournaments. Is your team in, out, or "on the bubble"?

Real World News
by jdb_educator
---Updated Daily 2100--- News links for today and everyday.

BBC (Great Britain):
Guardian (Great Britain)
CNN Light Years Science News blog:

CVN Movies Feature
by jdb_educator

---Updated Daily 2100---Send us a review, if you go to the movies!

Check the sites below for trailers, stories, and box office results.

You can see what the current cash cow results look like at the box office by clicking: Reviews are also available!

Anyone want to write reviews? One or two lines are enough to present an opinion. What do you go see? Tell us at CVN! To post at the Editor's inbox: . To email him at What are the coming movies that you are waiting for their release? Please use Movies as your subject!

This Day In History?
by jdb_educator
---Updated Daily 2100--- Take a look and find out what happened today, in history, at

Iditarod Day 5
The Last Great Race?

by jdb_educator
---March 8--- Sunday, March 4 began the 40th running of "The Last Great Race on Earth". The first running was on March 3, back in 1973. The race meanders through 1,000 miles through Alaskan wilderness from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, along a historic Iditarod Trail, with a few changes. Sixty-six 16-dog teams are competing this year.

Read more and see the standings:
Most current news search:

Spring Ahead
DST on Sunday!

by jdb_educator
---March 6--- Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday, March 11, 2012 and ends on Sunday, November 4, 2012.
Is DST hazardous to health and safety?

National Sleep Awareness Week
by jdb_educator
---March 6--- National Sleep Awareness Week is the week of March 5 - 11, 2012. It is an annual public education and awareness campaign to promote the importance of sleep. National Sleep Awareness Week is held during the week leading up to the first Sunday of Daylight Saving Time.

What Holidays Are Coming?
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor and

Wednesday March 7
  • Carnival
  • Fun Facts About Names Day
  • National Be Heard Day
  • Orthodox Green Monday (Orthodox)
  • Orthodox Lent (Orthodox)
  • Shrove Monday
  • Anniversary - Suez Canal Opening
  • Bun Day (Iceland)
  • Carnival (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Discovery Day / Magellan Day (Guam)
  • Eight Hour or Labor Day (Australia/Tasmania)
  • Fasching (Austria,Germany)
Thursday March 8
  • Girls Write Now Day
  • International Pancake Day
  • International (Working) Women's Day
  • Mardi Gras
  • Organize Your Home Office Day
  • Paczki Day
  • Shrove Tuesday
  • Unique Names Day
  • UN Day for Women's Rights and International Peace
  • Anniversary - US Income Tax
  • Bursting Day (Iceland)
  • International Women's Day (Russia)
Friday March 9
  • Joe Franklin Day (radio/TV)
  • Learn What Your Name Means Day
  • Lent Begins
  • Panic Day
  • Registered Dietitian Day
  • Saint Frances of Rome Feast Day
  • Anniversary - Barbie Doll
  • Birthday - Amerigo Vespucci (explorer)
Saturday March 10
  • Harriet Tubman Day
  • Mario Day
  • Name Tag Day
  • Paper Money Day
  • Telephone Day
  • World Kidney Day
  • Anniversary - Jupiter Effect
  • Anniversary - Salvation Army (US)
Sunday March 11
  • US Daylight Saving Time
  • Dream 2011 Day
  • Johnny Appleseed Day
  • Middle Name Pride Day
  • South by Southwest (SXSW)
  • Turkey Vultures Return to the Living Sign

Let There Be Silence!
by jdb_educator
---March 3--- This incredible new weapon gives teeth to the term "Shut up". While its uses are many, starting with riots and crowd control, its abuse possibilities are also impressive. Imagine how Syria, Iran, or some of our polticians in the US might use it.

Bald Support!
by jdb_educator
---March 3--- Here is a sweet story of support for a third grade cancer patient. Take a look:

French Village For Sale!
by jdb_educator
---March 3--- Ah dreaming. What fun it would be. Can you imagne ownng your own French village? It ranks up their with having your very own island. Like so many things in life, it only takes money. You can read a little of the history here, but just to bid at the auction you have to lay down more cash than the asking price!

SXSW: Austin, Texas
by jdb_educator
---March 2--- Starting March 9 in Austin, Texas is one amazing experience called SXSW. "Today, the 10-day conference is held in roughly a hundred venues around town, drawing nearly 50,000 official badge-holders in 2011. The once-indie event has become a juggernaut, injecting millions of dollars into the Austin economy each year."

See what it is all about at:

The Vatican Archive
by jdb_educator
---March 2--- The Vatican's secret documents section brings to mind Dan Brown's amazing stories. About 100 of these dicuments will leave the Vatican for the first time ever. See What the archives themselves look like, and get a glance at several ocuments stored there, right here:

Euthanasia is Alive and Well
by jdb_educator
---March 2--- Euthanasia is hotly debated around the world. Accusations of Death Squads have incorrectly followed the Obama Health care initiative. In the Netherlands there are now mobile Euthanasia vehicles. "Currently, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Oregon, Washington and Montana are the only jurisdictions where laws allow assisted suicide, according to the Patients Rights Council."

Read about it here:

Welcome to March
by jdb_educator
---March 1--- We have moved all the CVN stories on Cybertown's transfer, move, problems, and our history of the downtime during 2012 to the following URL:

Oh My! What's happening?
by jdb_educator
---March 1--- Are facebook games on the decline? The LA Times reports that people are leaving games, even while the number of facebook users continues to rise.

by jdb_educator
---February 28 --- Earlier we published a story on mitx, a totally automated on-the-web course experience for anyone. "Registration is now open for the pilot course, 6.002x Circuits and Electronics" It is available for registration and there are 2000 total courses listed in their online catalog: !

Registration for 6.002x Circuits and Electronics is at

"This prototype course will run, free of charge, for students worldwide from March 5, 2012 through June 8, 2012. Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the material and earn a certificate from MITx."

MIT FREE Course Requirements
by jdb_educator
---February 28 --- Originally we were going to sign up and give it a try. Science is not our specialty, although we have taught science and mathmatics over the years to elementary and junior high students. Looking at the requirements below, we decided to give this course a pass. According to the site, there will be more courses coming.

"In order to succeed in this course, you must have taken an AP level physics course in electricity and magnetism. You must know basic calculus and linear algebra and have some background in differential equations. Since more advanced mathematics will not show up until the second half of the course, the first half of the course will include an optional remedial differential equations component for those who need it.

The course web site was developed and tested primarily with Google Chrome. We support current versions of Mozilla Firefox as well. The video player is designed to work with Flash. While we provide a partial non-Flash fallback for the video, as well as partial support for Internet Explorer, other browsers, and tablets, portions of the functionality will be unavailable. "

Free App
Tony's Tip of the Month

by Hawk
---February 2012 --- Hello again,

After last month's tip about Awesome Screenshot for capturing complete web sites, I got asked what about something similar, but also free, for capturing anything visible on your desktop. My favorite tool for just that is PicPick:

This month I also want to tell you about a couple of free Android mobile apps that I really like (probably also available for iPhones).

Often when driving I get ideas and it's not all that easy to write them down so instead I click on Vocanote on my phone's home page and speak my idea. Vocanote translates what I say into text and then sends me an email of it.

Also when driving, often a song comes on the radio and I want to know who it is and of course the DJ's don't often tell you these days. So I just point the Shazam app at the sound and it tells me who it is, the name of the album, the lyrics and more.

What amazes is me about Shazam is that it's never failed to correctly identify the song and the artist and even the version, even in a crowded noisy restaurant. Enjoy!

best wishes,

We'll always remember you, Halee!
by Skye-hook
---February 21 2100 ---
For Our Haleeween
May all the bells in heaven ring,
May all the angels sweetly sing,
May someone give her pretty wings,
To welcome home our Haleeween.

CVN Memorial Page
by jdb_educator, CVN
We are beginning developpment of our memorial page on halleeween and encourage those who want to add their memories and thoughts to Email the editor at
Please use halleeween as your subject!

Sad News
by jdb_educator, CVN
---February 20 2100 --- Cybertown posted on facebook: "Sad news friends and neighbours. A light in the dark of our online world has been extinguished and has gone on to meet our Maker. May we all be forgiven if we find the world a little darker after the news. But we must mourn Lee Ann Hume, our Haleeween, Halee and Leelee before we can feel her light again. Let's hope she was sped from this plane straight into the comfort found in the presence of our Creator. Condolences and heartfelt feelings go out from us here at Cybertown to her husband, Jay, her family and her other friends."

West Liberty Woman Killed in Crash
MOSCOW, Iowa Ė A West Liberty woman died in a crash in Muscatine County Saturday night. According to the Iowa State Patrol, 19 year old Eric Boots from Muscatine didnít stop at a stop sign on an intersection on Hwy 6 near Moscow.
Like ∑ ∑ Share ∑ 361 ∑
Chris Gravesite posted Its very sad and seems unfair that we can not pick and choose who leaves our lives. R.I.P Leeann Hume / haleeween, you will be truly missed. Big Hugs To My CT Family AS We Mourn Our Good Friend Haleeween.
Like ∑ ∑ 51 ∑
Doug Black was the first to post . He posted on Cybertown Anonymous at Facebook.
If anone hasn't heard the news, last night Cybertown's beloved haleeween (Leeann Hume) passed away in a car accident! Our prayers go out to her husband Jay and the rest of the family! Like ∑ ∑ 247 ∑

Our Recent Archives!!
by jdb_educator, CVN
---February 20 2100 --- We have been saving our previous days page by merely adding the month, day and year. So Sundays's index page becomes and they go all the way back to . Missing may be a few days when the Daily page was working in Cybertown.

by jdb_educator, CVN
---February 10 2100 --- Cybertown citizen Lilly03 contacted us on Facebook to check on the city's progress. She shared with us screenshow she created. You can see those pictures here:

She allowed us to use it in the news. Lilly told us "it's the night here in Brittany near the sea. 3:10 am here in Brittany near Lannion. very old abbay in Brittany. Photos by me."

Her main? site can be found here :


We love free things and big provided us with this adorable page for free books AND other free stuff. What made it especially cool, was I could send the page to my daughter for a birthday present. Now it becomes a present to all our readers too:'sPick_Feb08_1x1&form=B8MP40&pc=B8MP

Early Recorded Sounds

---February 9 2100 --- Early inventions to record sound have been laying around in museums. Many appeared lost, some were ruined by unknowing neglect, but those that exist are changing our view of history. CNN reports, and it is an amazing read...and listen.

There is more to explore at

Schools of the Future?!

---February 8 2100 --- Over the next several years you can expect to see the commercialization of education. This has been going on for years. Wherever profit can be found, the business sector will jump in. We've seen privitization, where businesses take over schools, and there have been several scandals over testing and other issues at some of those schools as well as in the public sector. Consumers of these products will decide. Here are two stories we found that will expand your awareness:

What a World!
by jdb_educator

We have been busy keeping the news going, creating a couple web pages, getting involved in party politics once again, working as a substitute teacher, and of course, spending way too much time playing games on Facebook.
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by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

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