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March 31 2013
Thank a Veteran today!

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Headline News

jdb says Happy Easter! Pray for our Vets!

---- Work continues, and this project page will be set for at least a year. lol Hopefully. ----


Exciting VR Development
by jdb_educator

--- March 31 2013 --- While it has been done, I think I see a short story here to write today. :)

--- March 30 2013 --- It is clear now that gaming will lead the way into online 3D virtualization. This story from Yahoo! , on the goggles, points the way.

Happy Easter
by jdb_educator

--- March 31 2013 --- Happy Easter! May miracles enfold you today, and forever. May your beliefs in the one true God be enriched through whatever way He reaches out to you.

--- March 30 2013 --- As usual Wikipedia has a lovely article on Easter.
Easter is a moveable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. The First Council of Nicaea (325) established the date of Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon (the Paschal Full Moon) following the March equinox.[9] Ecclesiastically, the equinox is reckoned to be on 21 March (even though the equinox occurs, astronomically speaking, on 20 March in most years), and the "Full Moon" is not necessarily the astronomically correct date. The date of Easter therefore varies between 22 March and 25 April. Eastern Christianity bases its calculations on the Julian calendar whose 21 March corresponds, during the 21st century, to 3 April in the Gregorian calendar, in which the celebration of Easter therefore varies between 4 April and 8 May.

--- March 29 2013 --- It is "Good Friday". It is a day of sad remembrance of pre-ordained failure of the human race, according to many in the religious community. To believers it is not a fictional story but simple truth. Yet it is similar to most fictional human story telling. Stories with a bad beginning, like today's reminder of the crucifiction of Christ, have a happy ending. On Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord.

Transitional Changes to End
by jdb_educator

--- March 29 2013 --- Change is coming despite the loss of my desktop. More about that in our next story.

--- March 28 2013 --- Transitions are everywhere. The Easter moon is still shining in the western sky as I type this entry. I went out to gaze at it, for the third time, and will step outside the house to look at it once more.

The first fascinating thing, to me, about this annual event is this first moon of our Spring is also the Harvest moon in Australia. And, of course, the many countries in that hemisphere of this beautiful planet populated by our crazy human race. The second thing is that the television news has pulled the information from the Internet to report on the many names this moon has around the world.

--- March 27 2013 --- Yesterday I completed about 5 usable pages, perhaps more. You can read about progress in our ongoing daily log Changes for 2013 below.

--- March 25 2013 --- It's back to the laptop today. No pages in sight, yet.

--- March 24 2013 --- Actually, the process and results of change never end, but decisions are slowly being made, and this page will be changed to a long term page. You will be able to follow our daily reports through April 1, 2013.

Changes for 2013
by jdb_educator

--- March 31 2013 --- Laptop Day 7. Here we are. More than a month of pondering, piddling, and struggling with change. Our journey isn't finished in any way, though. I'll be debuting a few new and rebuilt pages with tomorrow's edition.

With limited resources that continue to constrain the changes I hoped to make early this year, the pages will be simplified, as will my goals. The new pages will be beefed up, or expanded as additional resources are found and deployed. Thank you for following, dropping by, or just checking now and then. The motivation of just a few clicks is a powerful motivator.

--- March 30 2013 --- Laptop Day 6. Today and tomorrow, I wrap up a few projects and change focus, moving on to other projects. Tune in tomorrow for the final entry in our transition journey.

--- March 29 2013 --- Laptop Day 5. My tech played with error after error on my borrowed hard drive. He changed hard drives and found that errors continued to pop up. They abounded. Some hard drives used would not even transfer the files.

So a new install is happening. Cloud backup, and email sends to myself are perhaps all what I have left. Just like most of real life failure, we begin again. And so we will.

--- March 28 2013 --- Laptop Day 4. My computer tech reported, late yesterday, that he has discovered other errors created -most likely- by partial downloads, partial installations, and most likely some of my attempts to recover working operating system created during one of my many crashes. He has succeeded in getting SP3 installed without crashing the system.

It took me two tries yesterday, to respond to gifts in FarmVille on Facebook. Then my expected car repairs went into a several day delay when the probable part needed was unavailable.

Real life activity continued with a lovely breakfast with my wife and her mother, some hat shopping, and a nice dinner with my wife at her workplace. I picked up our dinner and took it to her after rushing to democratic party headquarters to take pictures of the officers. Sadly, they had to call to remind me, as I had totally forgotten my promise.

. --- March 27 2013 --- Laptop Day 3. I was surprised yesterday that I got my post on Facebook more easily than expected. So I went one more step and replied to the FarmVille gifts received and then closed down browsers and settled into a five hour stint of web paging. The software I have is not ideal, but it helps make web pages, so I won't complain too loudly. I like the progress I made.

Today, I plan to attempt to go through some archive pages to grab a few features, code, etc. that I want to use going forward.

The major real life activity is shoving our brand new used car into the shop to repair the broken window bracket. The fun follows as I'm taking my wife out for breakfast to one of our favorite real restaurants!

--- March 26 2013 --- Laptop Day 2. All the energy that went into FarmVille gaming this past week is lost. I had fun getting some objects and building my farms... Facebooking on the laptop is not a happy venture, so I may post a quick general message (or not) and call it good.

--- March 25 2013 --- Some fascinating changes to my desktop allowed SP3 to finally install,but reboot took me to the safe mode page and then refused to ever boot. after 4 tries, the desktop is once again declared dead and I took it to my favorite tech for healing... Today's issue is posted late afternoon, because I spent the day substituting. This part of our typical journey keeps plodding backward and forward, with intriguing sidesteps as we progress.

--- March 24 2013 --- A late night, an early morning. Yet it was satisfying. I worked on web paging this morning with moderate success, creating two new pages and developed plans for, perhaps, three more pages. For now, I'm just using the working resources that I currently possess.

The tech problems remain, and will be dealt with over the next week, even if it means a reinstall. It is past time to get some hard disks to replace the dead one, perhaps I can swing that soon. I'll be in good shape if I win the lottery! $350+ Million would ease multiple areas of problems, lol, while creating many more ...And we know the chances of that, but dreams need to be treasured.

Our Democratic Lea County Party elected new officers last night for two year terms, and I escaped having to serve as an officer. This has resulted in a new person being added to our numbers. That is a good thing! It is how you build any organization.

On Facebook, I'm scaling back a little. It is easy to let a game take over your life, and I'm definitely spending too much time playing FarmVille. I'm even thinking about writing on it. Now that is scary.

I'm having a grand time researching for my western novel. Lately I've been reading and re-reading the old pulp magazine short stories from the 1930s - 1950s, and many western authors I have never read before. I am humbled by these guys and gals who often sold their work for a penny a word while writing and submitting an incredible array of story writing for publication.

Today I will continue to do more with less. I will fire up the venerable laptop a second time today and see where it takes me. But first, I have a date with a game.

--- March 23 2013 --- Today I'm going to take it easier. I wore myself out yesterday doing three things: I worked through several different tech solutions in the attempt to install my Coffee Cup software, I farmed on FarmVille with fierce determination, and I read a western novel from 1988 that spoke well about today's themes of hate, war, and change. Ross's Gap by C. Clifton Wisler takes the reader through a family journey through the western tragedy of the pacification of the commanches in the LLano Estacado. The power of fiction continues to surprise me. How slowly the larger themes we deal with on the world stage change, also surprise me.

This afternoon will be a couple hours of web paging as I move back to my laptop, unless I'm still fooling with the tech problems on my desktop.

--- March 22 2013 --- Limited planning today: some tech help hunting and getting my software! Crazy things happen constantly. This troublesome download / installation is the latest ongoing frustration venture for me.

On the positive side, ideas for photos, a few future stories, and web pages are solidifying. The bottom line is, if you cannot get what you want (my software) you make do with what you've got!

--- March 21 2013 --- Plans for yesterday died an easy death, wallowing in the lightly blowing dust as the day was spent completing that American novelty called a tax return. Then our car window decided to offer us one of , what will probably be, many future opportunities to seek repairs. Apparently the bracket holding the window had enough of up and down, and broke. It will be a week before we can get the car into the shop. So... no plans for today. There are enough of them already on the planning plate!

--- March 20 2013 --- After a couple hours of online "tech help" and my fiddling with computer controls, I am a little closer to getting my coffee cup html software. Today, I have to make a phone call for that extra help. Photos and research are all on tap for this afternoon. Web paging, one or two ideas are ready, remains possible.

--- March 19 2013 --- Today got an early start ... on FarmVille! I completed most of my tasks listed in yesterday's note. On pictures, I had my camera, and no pix popped into mind, so none were taken. I have one idea today. My library research was minimal, but I brought home lots of books! I've got to seek approval for some of the online research nodes I have explored.

Today I need to figure out the how my computer is blocking my attempts to sign up for a site, getting some imaging software, and installing my coffee cup updates. I'll try again.

--- March 18 2013 --- Today is picture day. I'm going to try for some pictures to use on my web pages. I'll also be running around to set up some work at a few schools and let them know I will be available to substitute. Then it's another research trip to the library and perhaps lunch.

This afternoon will be online research and a couple new project ideas...

The oddest thing happened at our favorite grocery store: over the last several weeks we kept checking for corned beef for St. Pats Day. None. When we found it at another store, we had to get a backordered slip! Fortunately, we had some corned beef and cabbage, last night, at Melanie's sister's house.

--- March 17 2013 --- Today is St. Patrick's Day. Fer meself, I climbed up and out of the soft, comfortable bed an hour earlier than most days this week, and decided to do just a wee bit.

This photo spread story is from CNN and Entertainment Weekly: " 17 Celtic Classics: A St. Patrick's Day Toast",,20184377,00.html?hpt=hp_c4#20425142

My journey with Skype continued yesterday with conversations on MSN(outlook) and Facebook. No video convos, however, from any of the few people I actually trust. The conversations I had used the site software rather than Skype. So I was on Messenger or FB. The neat thing I found on FB was I could shift applications and more easily play at my FarmVille on Facebook while I chatted. Usually the FB chat popup drowns out the game so you have to comment, close (x) the chat, and then play the game, opening up the chat when the next comment is made or ignore it until convenient, and repeat ad infinitum. Perhaps that's repeat it ad nausium...

--- March 16 2013 --- Another late start to the day. Well I'm playing catch up again. After doing a little farming on FarmVille, trying to use Skype (unsuccessfully-three video call tries) , I'm catching up on my web paging.

So far I've held conversations in messenger and on Facebook through Skype, lost one confirmed contact and all my potential contacts, created a second version of my Skype, and spent over an hour with Skype support service. Today I think I have it working. Time will answer THAT question.

--- March 15 2013 --- I'm continually getting up later these days. My time is flying and the updates don't get done with the early hours fleeing. This becomes an interesting source for my pondering through the day. I began my Skype journey today by purchasing a web camera and downloading the Skype software with the hopes of connecting outlook and Facebook.

--- March 14 2013 --- No new page attempts since March 12. Two days in a row I arose at 6:16 AM. Hours late for me. I thought of abandoning this little record/report for a second day in a row, but decided I didn't want to play FarmVille until I made some progress here. I did a lot of reading yesterday, finishing two novels. I'm now reading Western short stories by the original Erle Stanley Gardner. His name later became a "house name" used by other writers assigned by the publisher, I believe. he died in 1970.

I need to verify that. Now there is a fun search. Names used by publishers for other writers. Needs refining, I think. Maybe you'll get a report on that tomorrow.

--- March 13 2013 --- Another edition for the archives. I got a late start and my personal time window for the daily news had passed. AND, I had a contest on Facebook I was winning, so that was my focus for hours.

I didn't win, but came in second losing by one point. It was amazing fun, and a challenging week of activity. I learned a lot about myself too. It may result in a short story, totally unrelated to the Dairy sub-game in Facebook's Zynga app FarmVille. The contest took me through many moods ranging from pleasure and satisfaction to anger and frustration. It was a great learning experience.

--- March 12 2013 ---A bright cheery good day to you. Why is it good? I can only tell you why it is good for me! I got up at 3:20 AM MST. I put a Turkey in the oven, read my planning document, made my daily diary entry and began playing with html. Just the thought of Turkey tonight makes it a wonderful day. My 26 lbs. turkey went into the oven frozen at about 3:40 am at a setting of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I'll take the giblets out in a couple of hours.

I typed this entry and completed the possible starter pages below.

Next up is adding pictures. Titles and playing some more with format. The goal is simple, effective presentation. I think some of the link colors have to change too. With all that said, I feel like it was an hour of page making well spent.

--- March 11 2013 --- Today is declared "Do Something Day"! I don't have too many ideas but you will see and entirely different pages here tomorrow. it is time to spend several hours doing something other than just FarmVille!

That's the plan! Tune in tomorrow to see what success, if any, I have with this sudden plan that leapt from my fingers to the page!

--- March 10 2013 --- I explored the word press blog yesterday, for the second time this year. I've got lots more to comprehend there. You can see what little I have at


--- March 9 2013 --- Up by 3:30 this morning, I created a short archived article for yesterday and began work on this post. Yesterday was just a day for distractions. You can read yesterday's directly below this day's entry.

It seems to me that a lot of what I do is quickly search, find links, post them and write stories or comments about them. I add my personal touch. Is that enough for me? I doubt that it is enough on which to build any significant readership. Why would anyone care?

Well it is to the blog this morning, after skipping it yesterday. I have an hour or more to spend exploring it.

--- March 8 2013 --- A late start, and plans flew away with the morning. I spent the day in FarmVille and reading. I did not even open up my laptop.

--- March 7 2013 --- Ah life! Today it is great. My wife asked "What's good about it?" when I said "Good Morning!". What's great about it is my perception. I got up around 3:28 AM MST and did my morning routine: boot up computer, fix coffee, review my plan and write. Most days the CVN Daily is the only writing I do. That may be why I continue to do it.

Today the plan is to fiddle with my blog in the afternoon and see what I can discover. Today distractions win the day again. I'm pondering about telling you those distractions!

--- March 6 2013 --- Today distractions win the day. No web pages, but I found one blog effort. It appears to be at: The location suggests it should not work, but it did on two browsers yesterday.

--- March 5 2013 --- No pages today.

Although, it was an early morning. Up at 3:20 AM MST, I made good use of my time and the result may even prove beneficial. I started with a blank page and wrote. I now have a fresh, basic working document for planning, crafted over the two and 1/2 hours of pondering, piddling and writing over my coffee and cigarettes in the delightful offline silence of the early morning here in Hobbs, New Mexico.

The plan isn't complete or completely detailed, but it is a nice start and provides a refocus that was needed.

Continuing daily reports, and taking and editing photos are now the focus. Re-editing my writing pages, the political page, and changing CVN are the ongoing projects. Stay tuned!

--- March 4 2013 --- The index has now been revised.

The previous page has been archived as

--- March 3 2013 --- I started the morning with good intentions! The plan was to update the index. I opened the page and found a different page than I expected. It went all the way back to our server transition story for Cybertown on January 28, 2012! As my mouth dropped open, I resolved to look into that base cvnweekly folder and also wondered where my blog replacement post went. If that wasn't enough to kick start the day, my internet connection "dropped carrier" and my access to the Internet.

After waiting a few minutes to reconnect, I turned the router off and on, reconnected and got lost exploring a few urls. Ah the memories! Since it IS Sunday, here are a few fun memories for myself and hopefully for you too.

From 2002:

An article by Halogen:

And ONE year ago today:

--- March 2 2013 --- Today we've cleaned up our politics 2012 page and moved it over into the 2013 folder. This is only my first step on the political page. There is too much I don't like about the look, and I'm going to further change the page.

--- March 1 2013 --- As we told our readers yesterday, we will -for the most part- only be reporting on our own web page changes as we get that work accomplished. Think of this as another first round of changes. We expect we will go several rounds of web paging mania...or activity in changing the web pages we present to you!

Today we have revised this page, added a Cybertown check page for the curious,edited the news page and called it a day!

The URLS: Our changing News Page:

The Check page:

Baby Picture of the Universe
by jdb_educator

--- March 22 2013 --- If you've been following the stories on the background emissions from the big bang, or the various origin of the Universe stories, here is another story. This one does a fair job of explaining what scientists have found and providing a rendition of how the Universe looked in early infancy.

Ideas Keep Popping
by jdb_educator

--- March 21 2013 --- I have to laugh at myself. I spend so much time spinning my wheels thinking up ideas, pondering and piddling, instead of doing what I think I need to do. I guess someone has to ponder, piddle, and spin wheels :) . Now and then news stories remind me of what is important as well as providing fodder for the outrage over what is not important. However I realize it is important to someone else, regardless of my own view.

Here are two stories today that say much about America and the world. The first one is on Baby Noor. Originally, this was a happy story in the midst of hard, cruel reality. Now, thanks to the reporter, we are reminded of how passing interest, and lack of follow up may build a tragedy. The second story is a short ireport objection to the New York attempt to hide tobacco products and reminds us of the earlier attempt to ban big soda drinks. This would be a great lesson to use in the classroom to talk about what is important. And that discussion could go many ways!

Baby Noor:

Hide all smoking:

Best Stories From February

Speed Up Old Computers?!
by jdb_educator

--- February 23 2013 --- Oh wow! Good advice, succinctly written, with decent free applications embedded into the article. This one is a keeper folks. See if you agree:

3D Cow Ears?
by jdb_educator

--- February 23 2013 --- 3D Cow Ears? Not exactly, although the cartilage seems to work best for the printing. The possibilities of 3D printing seems to be bringing us to an incredible level of scientific advancement

Internet Rules!
by jdb_educator

--- February 16 2013 --- Ah here is some Saturday fun that also gives a pause for thinking about our World Wild Web

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by jdb_educator, CVN
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by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

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