The Weekend Edition December 22-24 2094

  Happy Birthday to zoozee Saturday! No posted Happy Virtdays today! Please post your special day to the Activities Board! We do wish a "Happy Birthday or a Happy VirtDay" to any Cytonian celebrating a birthday or VirtDay today who forgot to tell us!

We ALWAYS need more birthdays and Virtdays posted! Only a few remain! We thank all of our citizens for posting those items and special days listed on the Activities board throughout the year! Keep them coming! Are there any more December birthdays out there??? Be sure to post your December, January and February birthdays now! And where are YOUR Virtdays? We also wish a "Happy VirtDay" to any Cytonians celebrating today who forgot to tell us! Psst please do keep checking out the other activities that sometimes get listed on the Activity board. CVN Thanks you!

[To have your birthday acknowledged in the News please post the date in the Cybertown Calendar listed as "Activities"(access from the control panel ~ right hand frame) It's located just above "getting started". Posting Tips are there to help you. The Activities Calendar gets checked every weekday! [ Currently issues are prepared one day in advance of publication, so post birthdays early.] Please note it says "activities" not birthdays. So if you have an event, post it on the Events board. Then if you want more publicity for events...that's why we have an email address placed in this section.

Please note that at all events and activities are posted in CyT (Cybertown Time).

Cybertown wishes to thank citizens for independently creating colony-related websites. As the sites are outside of Cybertown, Cybertown is not responsible for the content on those websites.

[CVN Daily News is provided for the people, and in many cases BY the people! So our mailbox is wide open, ready for and interested in reading all your submissions, whether a classified ad, activity announcement, or suggestion for content!]

Heard and Seen Around Town

These need to be dusted off and updated. Consider this a call to citizens for urls, information etc.,! Old news will be moved even further way from these pages with a link over the next two decades? lol Haven't done a single one. Please note that a harmless javascript is used to pull up these pages.

IVN's email address is: billing AT
The Phone number: 1-888-557-5611

Snail Mail:
Integrated Virtual Networks
2049 Century Park East
Suite 2740
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Places are December's COTM!
Headline News

Cybertown Still Down
We're Back!
Cybertown Culprit: Maintenance Required!

In her role as Mayor's Secretary, LadySilverSplash spread the news to council and on the feedback and other boards. As of Midnight Thursday (CyT) the CT server would be down for maintenance. Of course, while you are reading this, at least part of the city will be up. According to CVN sources(Vialle) "It could possibly be down as long as 2 days but hopefully will be back up by tomorrow"(Friday) morning. The word will spread pretty quickly once the city returns!

In fact as of this publication 11:58 Sunday December 4, Cybertown remains in the fixit shop getting a lube, reprogramming and whatever else has been planned.

As events are rescheduled we will make every effort to alert our citizens!

CVN Announces Promotion!
deb 44 has completed her second issue of the weekly News. Having to deal with the Editor is hair raisiing enough to turn a poor girl's hair white! is seasonal We are proud to announce both the release and her promotions to CVN Weekly Editor and CVN deputy News. You may see the current issue at

Track Santa's Progress and More!
Santa is coming. The North Pole website is just one of our two web site where children of all ages may track Santa's trip around the world delivering toys to all the children (using the site link below). You can also see Santa's favorite DVD's, music, send him an email letter, or have one of his elves read you a story or even create your very own Christmas story:

This is THE famous, tracking site for Santa's visits! NORAD was the first to allow you to track Santa around the globe:

zoozee Birthday Come and Go Party
Her party was of course delayed and we hope it will be rescheduled. My RL Birthday - Just drop in :) at Cozy Mansion*CL*MWB* The link is:

Sat, Dec 23 th, 2006. 11:00:00 am.
Place: Cozy Mansion*CL*MWB*, Scheduled by: zoozee
Title: My RL Birthday - Just drop in :) Open house at my house ... celebrating my RL Birthday ..... I will be there untill 1 pm.
Hope to see you there :))
Hugss :))

An Adventure Christmas Party

COUNTING down to Christmas!

Location, location, location! Everything depends on where you are! That is unless you are in Cybertown where everything becomes possible! Some of our citizens get to celebrate twice! Truly the old saying that everyday should be Christmas is a good one. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not you certainly can enjoy the fun, entertainment, and joy of celebrating with friends in Cybertown.

Date: Wed, Dec 20 th, 2094 (2006 for Earthsiders). 10:05:26 am.
From: snksna
Subject: five more days Hello,
Only five more days till Christmas.
I'm so excited. I hope I can wait that long.
Happy Holidays :)
(¯`•¸·´¯) snksna (¯`·¸•´¯)
(Pssst snksna, what do you do if you don't wait? Oh and don't forget those cookies and milk on Christmas Eve!-editor)

The Christmas Gift
Date: Tue, Dec 19 th, 2094 (2006 for Earthsiders) 5:10:15 pm.
From: preacher2000, CVN
Subject: Give the Gift of Cybertown!
Cybertown is a gift that keeps on giving, so be sure to give your friends and family a subscription (month or year) to Cybertown. Don't have a friend or family member that may be interested in Cybertown? Give this gift to another person in Cybertown who may be looking for a subscription.

I am already planning to give 3-Month Subscriptions to my cousins. Toys break, money is spent, clothes become to small, but the experiences and memories in CT last forever.

"It Takes Teamwork to Make the Dream Work"
preacher2000, Cybertown Virtual News

Come a'Carolling with Theme Park & Museum Staff !!!
What a way to celebrate the Season!!! Friday December 22nd starting at 6pm CT we'll be raising our voices in song! Games, Av Contest, Racing, Bingo & Pressies Galore!!! THE WORKS !!! cuz it's the season :) Here's the itinerary :

6-7:30pm : Meet at the Theme Park for GAMES & merriment!
7:30-9pm : Wassail over to SciFi for some HOLIDAY BIG PRIZE BINGO!
9-10pm : Drift FULL SPEED to the Suburbs for 3D RACING at the HARDTOP RACEWAY (builder :
10-11pm : Spread the cheer throughout CT!!! We'll be moving through a few PLACES to party but don't worry - you won't lose us - we'll be the BIG crowd of revellers everywhere :)
11-midnight : Show us your HOLIDAY FINERY in our AV CONTEST at the Museum!

Baaad Joke Worth Sharing!!
Date: Thu, Dec 21 th, 2094 (2006 for Earthsiders). 10:38:49 am.
From: Toila
Subject: Dumb Husband Joke
When our lawnmower broke and wouldn't run, my wife kept hinting to me that I should get it fixed. But, somehow I always had something else to take care of first, the truck, the car, fishing, always something more important to me. Finally she thought of a clever way to make her point.

When I arrived home one day, I found her seated in the tall grass, busily snipping away with a tiny pair of sewing scissors. I watched silently for a short time and then went into the house. I was gone only a few minutes. When I came out again I handed her a toothbrush. "When you finish cutting the grass," I said, "you might as well sweep the sidewalk."

The doctors say I will walk again, but I will always have a limp.

December Holiday House Well Begun!
Almost 2 Million in Prizes

CVN continues its annual celebration of Houses, decorating and imagination.
pamiepage is our first entrant so the prize pool is GROWING at 1, 750, 000 CCs. with the additions of StudioConcierge, TheSesameKid, Goober_Girl, haleeween, fairymist and now TheSesameKid . (we received emails Voting for fairymist and asked the senders if they wanted to judge! Readers, Do you want to judge? Let us know.)=Oh Oh Oh.. Can I judge? Not all have finished preparations, but we don't care about THAT until the judging begins!

Anyone can nominate houses, just inbox, email or let us know---somehow!

December: December 28 is scheduled to start the judging. December 24th will work for the last minute submissions date. We are planning another Holiday House Tour for December 30th at 5-7 PM-subject to approval-as a tentative date. If you run late the URL will be posted in the News Center which can be reached through the link on the Activities booard located above the JumpGate. The tour will be available for our follow the links on a webpage too. Gather your friends and schedule your own tour for just after Christmas. You could be a tour guide :)

February: We skip January, figuring that a rest and the extra time will be needed for February. Although decorators might surprise us and not even go with the possible Valentines Day theme. We have: February 9 scheduled to start the judging. Hopefully February 8th will work for the final submissions date. We are planning another Holiday House Tour for February, and have set the 11th as a tentative date. Email us if that is too early!

Here is the updated link for readers, nominators and contestants:
We will review inboxes, forms and emails nominating houses. Anyway you can get it to us works! Always check aknlowledgement that we HAVE received your entry.

City Activity for Friday through Monday

6:00 PM
Come a Caroling (LE Confirmed)

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Sci Fi Bingo at Sci-Fi Plaza

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
IRs Twisted Hangman

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Games Colony Xmas Party (LE Confirmed) Event_Host : Games Colony Events Team
Event_Description :
  • 1) Meet Santa: (take a picture with Santa and get a free gift)
  • 2) Meet Colony and City staff (take pictures with your colony, city staff and friends),
  • 3) Taboo: Our famous weekly game “taboo” , Surprise Event ;)
  • 4) Games Lottery vote and winner announcement
  • Advert_Link :

    7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    Sci Fi Bingo at Sci-Fi Plaza

    9:00 PM - 11:30 PM
    IRs Wanna Deal?

    SUNDAY Dec 24
    2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    IRs PUN-Y Christmas (LE Confirmed)
    Inner Realms celebrates the season PUN-Y style! LadySilverSplash has puns, jokes, & more! PLUS winner(s) in The Great Reindeer Caper will be announced! Join us for lots of laughs, ccs, prizes, gifts...the warmth of hearth & home, CT style! Hosted by: LadySilverSplash

    7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    Sci Fi Bingo

    MONDAY Dec 25
    5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Maniac Mondays Fact or NOT!
    at Adventures Weekly Colony Game Event.

    7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    Sci Fi Bingo at Sci-Fi Plaza

    9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
    IRs My Numbers Up!

    Reindeer Stolen: The Hunt began Friday and Continues
    Yes it is true. the Great Hunt began Friday at IR's Hangman Event and continues. We understand there can be just one winner who-if lucky-finds all the reindeer. But...We hear that there can be many winners seeking the Evil Doer of this Crime of the Millennium.

    You Gotta Try This...
    Unless you are on dialup, then it might be a royal pain in the computer chip. From pchistorian we present you with:
    We tried sing, dance, wave goodbye and rap. We offer it hesitantly, not kjnowing what all Santa might do. As always parents, checkout where your younger kids surf! (after they turn 50 like editme, it is a lost cause!

    Games Xmas Party

    Join us at Games Colony
    on Dec 23th at 4pm

    Party Schedule:
    1) Meet Santa: (take a picture with Santa and get a free gift)
    2) Meet Colony and City staff (take pictures with your colony, city staff and friends)
    3) Taboo: Our famous weekly game “taboo”
    4) Surprise Event ;)
    5) Games Lottery winner vote and announcement

    Please mark your calender and let's have some fun and take some memorial photos ;)


    Town Meeting: Chats And Links
    Subject: Town Meeting Dec 9!
    The Town Meeting was held on Saturday, December 9 at 3:00pm..

    Questions to be addressed at the upcoming Town Meeting, were requested, compiled and our City leaders answered them at the meeting. We have prepared an edited version and present that to you. Just travel your cursor over to and see the news. Included in the body is a link to the Silhouette demonstration. For readers we bring that URL upfront to this article. Click on You will need a video viewer, and may be prompted to download.

    The Clubs Hire Events Deputy

    Click on the image to go to the Clubs inbox

    Inner Realms Winter Wonderland Extravaganza

    deb44, CVN Weekly Editor
    [deb44 has submitted a second weekly, now at the html shop. It will be published soon, but we at CVN congratulate her on her successful accomplishment, a little in advance!]

    Inner Realms Winter Wonderland Extravaganza was held Sunday in the Inner Realms Forest. Our intrepid weekly editor decided to attend the event undercover. People were bidding like wild, even if they were sure that their bet would win, someone would usually outbet you by making a higher bet.

    There were 23 people were at the event. We all had a lot of fun. There were a few biddings wars, but there usually is in auctions. Signatures and items were both auctioned off at the event. If bidders are not careful at these kinds of events, it is easy to spend more then they have! The event went on for 6 hours but everyone had fun and Inner Realms raised lots of funds.

    Ah Those VirtDays: December 20-!
    Here are this Week's VirtDays provided to us by Megan_Cho.

    and A Happy VirtDay to:
    Pete_The_Hat December 20, 1998
    Dion1 December 20, 1999
    GreatGodBal December 20, 1999
    Simioni December 20, 1999
    thepanther101: 21033 - Templar December 20, 1999
    ceiledhboo December 20, 2000
    KYTATTOOMAN December 20, 2000
    And1Dawg December 21, 1998
    Lego-Man December 21, 2000
    Swb December 22, 1998
    Korovev December 22, 1999
    maxheadroom December 22, 1999
    Parkerr December 22, 1999
    adept_2001: 20525 - Neighborhood Deputy December 22, 2001
    arkducky December 23, 1999
    cometlily: 20451 - Templar December 23, 1999
    MsKelleigh December 23, 2000
    Ops December 24, 1998
    RXNOKE December 24, 1998
    angellro December 24, 1999
    dry_ice69: 22378 - Club Assistant December 24, 1999
    paco74 December 24, 2000

    New C.E.R.B. Leader Named

    Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls of all ages....

    CT is pleased to announce our new C.E.R.B. Chief.....

    (You can finally hear the drumroll! Thanks LSS!)
    C.E.R.B. Chief:

    We look forward to an exciting future in C.E.R.B. under his care & guidance ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!


    The C.E.R.B. (Cybertown Equity Review Board) Is trying to fill C.E.R.B. Rep Openings. C.E.R.B. has openings for people with fair minds and knowledge of the UBP and Constitution. We are looking for at least one good candidate from each Colony, so that City Wide Elections may be held. Believe you're made of the right stuff? See Qualifications and if you still feel you would make a good CERB, apply through..C.E.R.B. Application

    Xmas Lottery at Games Colony
    Games Colony is proud to present

    Xmas Sponsorship Lottery

    Hurry up and buy your lottery tickets and get closer to get a full year sponsorship. You can use the sponsorship for yourself or offer it as a Xmas gift to a friend ;). The more tickets you buy the higher your chance gets.

    Please check the Guidelines and Rules for more info. To buy lottery tickets please go to Xmas Lottery Club. Good luck to everyone

    Counting Down the Days......

    We are counting down the days to Christmas this year in the mall with the help of creators and presenting an Advent Calendar of items. Each day a new item will be placed in the main mall. This item is a gift from the mall and creators to everyone. So be sure to stop by and get your gift each day. Many thanks to everyone involved in this project. ~~nurk

    Check the Mall for each day's offering. The objects may be found in the Mall lobby. The Advent items are free.

    CVN Offers "The 12 Contests For Christmas"
    No entrants to our first OR Second contest means no winners for our december 15th contest. Two More remain. We regret our readers are not interested, but...the opportunity awaits. You can lead a writer to paper(or a blank e-page, but ya cannot make them scribble without a really good cattle prod!)We have the same three contests first announced here: (THE THIRD contest closing date is December 22. This is a progressive contest.) There will be weekly winners who move into the finals! We ask our readers to contact people they know who might be interested! At the end there will be final over all winners and many prizes including over 10 million CCs.
    1. Seasonal short stories:

    Write (you just knew we wiould have writing contests!) an original short story fitting any seasonal event in December. The only limitations are 50 words or more. The upper limit is 2500 words. Inbox jdb_educator at his home in Cybertown( ) for ways to send your writing. Email, or a online form or the insanity of multiple inboxes will be made available to you. Don't know HOW? to find the news center??? Go to the Activities board on the jumpgate, find our December 31 event notice and click on "News Center".

    2. Seasonal Poems:

    Write (you just knew we would have another poetry contest too!) an original poem fitting any seasonal event in December. It can rhyme or not rhyme! The only limitations are 5 lines or more. The upper limit is 25 lines. Inbox jdb_educator at his home in Cybertown( for ways to send your writing. Email, or a online form or the insanity of multiple inboxes will be made available to you.

    3. Seasonal graphic art:

    Create an original seasonal image or edit screenshots, collages, etc. to no more than 40kn and enter. Inbox jdb_educator at his home in Cybertown( for ways to send your graphic. Email, or an online form or the insanity of inbox or website posting will be made available to you.

    From the Activities Board
    Sun, Dec 31 th, 2094. 11:55:00 pm.
    Place: News Center,
    Scheduled by: jdb_educator
    Title: CVN The 12 Contests For Christmas
    During this month there will be THREE weekly contests posted in addition to our December Holiday House Contest. Read the Daily News or pop into the News Center and read the message board! (for even more contests Check the information board at the News Center starting December 3rd! The winners of each week's contest will compete for Three million CCs AND a CVN graphic Award

    Managing Editor CVN
    Cybertown Virtual News IS CVN

    NEW Chiefs in Cybertown

    From: LadySilverSplash
    Subject:New Chief(s) Announcement

    CT's Places is pleased to welcome our newest ePlex Chiefs!

    Congratulations to..... *drum roll*

    Doug_Black (Le Cafe Chief) & JESSIE32 (Employment Office Chief)

    We look forward to an exciting future in Le Cafe & the EO under your care & guidance!!!!!!

    Helpers Sought!

    Subject:Do you want to help someone?

    Create Clubs Activity!


    New Mall Guidelines

    From: nurktwin
    mall manager
    Subject: Mall Revisions Implemented
    The new mall revisions are now in place and the web sites have been updated to reflect the new rules. Here is a summary of the changes to upload rules.

    1. Only items that are actually sold in the mall as FREE may be labeled as free. (city/personal holds may no longer be labeled as free).
    2. the rules concerning the limitations of series (series rule) has been revoked.
    3. Only textures deemed to be original artwork must be signed (carpets, wall hangings, etc...)
    4. New File size limitations - wrl 55kb, Texture 40kb, Thumbnail 20kb
    The Full revised guidelines can be found on the mall web site or just click HERE

    Quick Overview of Major Events

    For a Quick Overview of the fabulous events coming to Cybertown- and already held in the city- click on over to The PartyLine Calendar:

    Theater Press Releases

    dixie_darling has developed a lovely presentation for CVN News and likely other uses too! The press Office for the PAC is simply fabulous. Click and go to the PAC/Theater Press office and read the Press releases there:

    Silhouette to be entirely free...

    [Founder] Hawk [74659] : told citizens on Saturday, September 16, 2094( that's 2006 for Earthsiders) " It's nice to see so many here - old faces (figuratively) and new faces I did want to tell you about one major change regarding Silhouette... you may remember that originally IVN was going to charge CT members a lower license fee and lower per-minute charges than for non-CT members (about half)... well, after much discussion, IVN has decided to make Silhouette entirely free... for all those CT members who pre-registered and to CT leaders as well as to a number of others as they apply for it With regard to where Silhouette is actually at.... it's been working well for some time now and we have been conducting our bi-weekly staff meetings with it the main thing that has slowed its release is having to combat all the incredible security measures that ISPs now use in order to combat cyber-terrorists and hackers and to make it so that the installation system is really easy for members especially with the number of firewalls that systems now have to go through so that is what is currently being worked on. One good thing out of all that we now have quite a number of interested parties (investors etc.) sniffing around us... as they see we have something quite unique and that could very well change much of the way interaction is done on the net in the future the advantage of investment funds is of course that we can then put efforts into improving and promoting CT since CT will be the first community on the planet to feature it They have something similar on Arcturas 9 :) and the metaverse Anyway. to wrap up... Thank you all so much for continuing to create CT and for your incredible patience while Silhouette has been being developed I intend to make it worth your while. That''s all. Back to your event leaders..."

    Clubs Request Help!...
    b1a1b, Clubs Chief

    In order to better serve our citizens here in Cybertown, the Clubs Staff is looking for your suggestions! Tell us how we can improve your day to day life here in the clubs. If you have any suggestions or even complaints, please click on the image above and fill out our form. All submissions will be kept confidential. We look forward to hearing and serving each of you :). Thanks in Advance!

    MAYHEM in Games!!!
    Myami, cub reporter
    Vialle forwarded us this intriguing little story signed by Myami.

    I ran across an interesting little game in the Message Board of the Games Colony the other day called the "MAYHEM word". Created by DannyKing, the Colony Leader of Games and loved citizen of Cybertown, and an associate that, sadly, left Cybertown a number of years ago created the game during the time that Danny boasted the title of Outlands Chief. The purpose of creating this interesting game was revealed when Danny said, "We did it in Outlands ‘cause no one had ever done an MB game there."

    Involving one five letter word, and a lot of guessing, this intricate game has been gratefully given to all the people needing an activity boost by DannyKing.

    The official rules:

    Sci-fi's Calendar Still Useful!

    This week and the coming weeks activities are posted. Sci-Fi has done their usual superb job and Cybertown sends appreciation and thanks to the Colony and all the workers who contribute so well there. Adventure Colony will be taking over COTM honors in September. For Sci-fi, there have been nightly games time for all CT residents. From Bingo to word scrambles to the ever popular Mad Gab and Lotto. Never a cost to join in - and always fun to share. Friday Nite Horrors Starts 10 PM in Horror - Hood Plaza Chat, duration 2-4 hours, scheduled weekly.

    Check the calendar. It is an effective way for the Colony to communicate with citizens. We applaud Sci-fi Colony! Please note they also say: "Never a cost to join in - and always fun to share."

    See details right here. See the Calendar for more:


    Cybertown security reminds you that changing your password often is one of the best ways to prevent misuse of your account. In the spirit of your safety we encourage you to do that! After all 12 months is a looong time to use the same password! Actually, you are urged to change your password monthly, make it alpha numeric, and never share it with anyone!

    What's Alphanumeric you ask? well...1633ctiscool would be an example. A BAD example we are told! 1c6t3i3s coo9l would be better! CyberAngel2000 adds a link for all of us! The title, Security Tips tells all.

    Take a look: Affiliates!

    There is more in store with Cybertown Affiliates
    Coldplay tour the US hot on the heels of their latest album X&Y. Mick and the boys kick off the Rolling Stones World Tour. U2 tickets are also available. Why not check out our affiliates to find yourself tickets? Check out the special offers section for more information.

    The new football season is upon us. Check out our sports pages to find merchandise for your team. You can even find your tickets to the see the top teams in the NFL square off in Super Bowl XL at Ford Field in Detroit on Feb. 5, 2006!

    Heading back to school following the summer break? Why not check out our Education and Learning section to find some great deals on everything you need for the new school year.

    Are games, gizmos and unusual gadgets your thing? Check out the Games and Winning stuff section of the affiliates pages from some amazing bargains and some weird and wacky items.

    How about a new wardrobe? With a large selection of online stores available via our clothing and accessories section, there is sure to be something that catches your eye.

    They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. In a world where time is of the essence, why not find a timepiece that says it with style. Check out the bargains we have in store at our Jewelry and Watches section.

    Want a faster computer? Looking for a new ISP? Interested in weird and wonderful technical gizmos? Look no further than our Computers and Technology Pages with some stunning deals from our affiliates.

    Please remember that all affiliate deals available from these pages can result in additional revenue being generated for the Cybertown community, so not only do our members get a good deal, but Cybertown as a whole benefits.

    Check out these, and many more, special offers by clicking on the banner to explore what is available. There are more affiliates than ever before and Special Deals for Cytonians too.

    Cybertown Affiliates Cybertown Affiliates
    Please remember to keep checking for updates as these pages, and special offers, are updated on a regular basis. Mina says "Shop til you drop!"

    Silhouette FAQ

    Be sure to read this FAQ that covers the no-obligation Silhouette deal! We read it with interest, having already signed up/pre-registered! CVN Congratulates IVN on a well prepared FAQ! It helps a lot! No obligation means just that! Sign up NOW!

    The link to the FAQ is:


    Did you know? Any Cybertown citizen can purchase space in the top frame for things like events & special announcements (b'days, anniversaries, etc.) The current rate is $20 per week, $60 per month.

    These are special rates for, NON-commercial ads and as always, all banners must be Founder approved before they can be uploaded. Advertisements for businesses are handled differently at different rates.

    IVN/Cybertown thanks Holodoc, ND of Star Trek Hood in Sci-fi, who not only helped in the planning stage is also the creator of the first banner to take advantage of this new option!

    This will not affect the cotm (Colony of the Month) banners or any that are already up there.

    Interested parties should contact me at

    Free Month of Cybertown

    Starting immediately, for every person who becomes a paying member of CT due to your activities, either as a referrer or sponsor, you will receive a free month of CT time. This is in addition to the citycash that you get for referring (12,000-100,000 CCs) or sponsoring (600,000 CCs) new paying members. If someone you refer signs up for a year, you will receive an additional free month of CT access.

    Further information can be found here >>>

    enter> Have You Renewed? Have You Joined Yet?

    Be a Member of the greatest family on the Net! We used Credit card This year! Claire (vialle) is such fun to talk to! Through the good graces of Jason_RC we have the following CVN weekly article on subscribing for our readers. Vialle tells us "You can also make a credit card payment over the phone. Call 1-888-557-5611 and give your credit info and we will update your account over the phone." PayPal, telephone, and snail mail are the pathways to subscribing to Cybertown! Do you want to give a gift of Cybertown to someone? Just create a normal sponsorship account! It is easy to set up and pay for. Or you can make a donation account with a note for who it receive your donation. And, if you want to use a credit card, it's even easier! Got questions, call Claire!

    Have you SEEN PartyLine?
    Likely you have seen or visited Jason_RC's site for any number of useful items of information. His PartyLine site is just one of the wonderful things he has done for the city. Just in case you've been too busy, lost the link or never had it, we present it here for your fun. Take a look and keep it handy for your Cybertown event development. Here ya go:


    Cybertown citizens may submit articles to CVN at any time for consideration and possible use.
    To submit news items
    or requests for special event coverage
    please email to:
    CVN: The Daily News

    For screen shot coverage
    please send an email to
    the CVN

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    Deputy Editors:
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    Publishers Team:
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    Daily Staff:
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