Weekend Second Edition December 31 2094

Last Day of 2094!

  Happy Birthday to star_101 was posted and celebrated Saturday. Talk about Birthday Presents. A Cybertown online is a GOOD One! N0 posted Happy Virtdays today! Please post your special day to the Activities Board! We do wish a "Happy Birthday or a Happy VirtDay" to any Cytonian celebrating a birthday or VirtDay today who forgot to tell us!

We ALWAYS need more birthdays and Virtdays posted! We always give thanks to all of our citizens for posting those items and special days listed on the Activities board throughout the year! Keep them coming! Are there any more December or January birthdays out there??? Be sure to post your December, January and February birthdays now! And where are YOUR Virtdays? did MeganCho get them listed? OH Well! We DO wish a "Happy VirtDay" or Happy Birthday to any Cytonians celebrating today who forgot to tell us! Psst please do keep checking out the other activities that sometimes get listed on the Activity board. CVN Thanks you!

[To have your birthday acknowledged in the News please post the date in the Cybertown Calendar listed as "Activities"(access from the control panel ~ right hand frame) It's located just above "getting started". Posting Tips are there to help you. The Activities Calendar gets checked every weekday! [ Currently issues are prepared one day in advance of publication, so post birthdays early.] Please note it says "activities" not birthdays. So if you have an event, post it on the Events board. Then if you want more publicity for events...that's why we have an email address placed in this section.

Please note that at all events and activities are posted in CyT (Cybertown Time).

Cybertown wishes to thank citizens for independently creating colony-related websites. As the sites are outside of Cybertown, Cybertown is not responsible for the content on those websites.

[CVN Daily News is provided for the people, and in many cases BY the people! So our mailbox is wide open, ready for and interested in reading all your submissions, whether a classified ad, activity announcement, or suggestion for content!]

IVN's email address is: billing AT
The Phone number: 1-888-557-5611

Snail Mail:
Integrated Virtual Networks
2049 Century Park East
Suite 2740
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Places are December's COTM!
Headline News

Yes indeed! Citizens are pleased, relieved and grateful to return to our beloved City on the web. More on this coming to the Daily News

Vialle for CVN

Hi everyone! Just to keep you up to speed, here is what I can and can't do, and what I need from those affected:

I'm still unable to access the billing database so I can't see some account details. I was, however, able to run a report of all active nicknames as of this morning and that list shows me the upcoming expiration dates. It doesn't show me recently expired accounts, however.

The good news is that I can now activate expired nicks for a month, which will give much more time than needed to get the billing database fully up and working. Unfortunately, I can only activate nicks that have been already locked out. I can't add time on to an active nick. So.... what I need is to be informed of any member who has lost access. I need the correct spelling of their nickname and their email address.

I will be answering the phone this weekend and New Years Day during the extended hours of 10am - 11pm CyT. If I don't answer I'm either on the line or had to run out for something so please leave a message. I'll return your call if you leave your number and/or email you. During my 'off' hours feel free to leave a message also :o)

Your patience during this past week has been wonderful and greatly appreciated! Your patience will also be needed during the next week or two (or more!). To give you an idea, this is what I'll be doing:

- Manually activate every PayPal payment made since CT went offline, and continue to do that daily until the database is working correctly.
- Check all IVN sponsored members for last access dates and give the active ones a month access as soon as they expire.
- Do the same for all of the non-sponsored accounts.
- I was NOT able to run a report of all recently expired accounts so hopefully those people will contact me so I can give each a month.

Those are the main tasks and since our active member list is in the thousands, that should give you an idea why your patience is still needed :o)

Thanks again to all Cytonian's and have a happy New Year celebration!

Inner Realms

Sunday, December 31 ~ 3 to 5pm

Hope to see you there!

Happy Holidays!

Inner Realms
New Year's & Birthday CELEBRATION

Sunday, December 31 ~ 9pm to 1am

Hope to see you there!

Slots is back in 9th Dimension!

Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:00PM - 11:00PM
9th Dimension Colony

Everyone Wins!

Flyby Truly a Star Now
Vialle for CVN
Merry Christmas! I haven't been online since Friday and I'm sorry to see that the city isn't up yet but that's not why I'm emailing.

My daughter gave crashdummy and myself a special gift this Christmas that I think all Cytonians will be happy to hear. In loving memory of Steve Kash, star number " Ursa Major RA 8h 22m 37s D 67' 55' " has been redesignated to the name "FlyBy".

When the city is back up I'm hoping to find a way to add this information to Flyby's Park :o)

CVN Holiday House Held Tour Saturday 5PM
jdb_educator for CVN
Eleven people popped in and some out as a smaller regular group followed along, we spent about 15 minutes per house and recruited a few judges along the way too.

CVN conducted the Christmas Holiday House Tour Saturday at 5 PM-7 PM from the News Center. You usually can usually reach the News Center by going to Activities in the jumpgate and clicking on the Green New Center location. jdb's bithday is there making this link good to February 7th. Or Click here: and it should take you there (you will have to already be in the city or log on to Cybertown to go there) The tour URL is located outside of the city at: Conduct you own tour!

CVN continues its annual celebration of Houses, decorating and imagination.
pamiepage is our first entrant so the prize pool is at 2, 250, 000 CCs. with the additions of StudioConcierge, TheSesameKid, Goober_Girl, haleeween, fairymist, TheSesameKid, LadySilverSplash(2D) and Beca. (we received emails voting for fairymist and Beca. Readers, Do you want to judge? Let us know. :)Oh Oh Oh.. Can I judge? Not all have finished preparations, but we don't care about THAT until the judging begins, now delayed until December 31, 2094-Jan 4, 2095!

Anyone can nominate houses, just inbox, email or let us know---somehow!

If you run late the URL will be posted in the News Center AND The Daily News on December 30th. The News Center can be reached through the link on the Activities booard located above the JumpGate. The tour will be available for our follow the links on a webpage too. Gather your friends and schedule your own tour for jNew Years Eve!. You could be a tour guide :)

February: We skip January, figuring that a rest and the extra time will be needed for February. Although decorators might surprise us and not even go with the possible Valentines Day theme. We have: February 9 scheduled to start the judging. Hopefully February 8th will work for the final submissions date. We are planning another Holiday House Tour for February, and have set the 11th as a tentative date. Email us if that is too early!

Here is the updated link for readers, nominators and contestants:
We will review inboxes, forms and emails nominating houses. Anyway you can get it to us works! Always check for acknowledgement that we HAVE received your entry.

New Features for Our Readers

We Have TWO brand new features for you: 1. Hobbs, New Mexico Holiday Houses and 2. "You Think You had a Bad Day?" When you read the second one think about wovencroft and the others who are still working on the server. CVN wishes then great success without the *booms*!

CVN STILL Offers "The 12 Contests For Christmas"
Dates changed to December 31 and January 10 for these contests.
No entrants to our contest means no winners for our December contest. We have the same three contests first announced here: We ask our readers to contact people they know who might be interested! At the end there will be final over all winners and many prizes including over 10 million CCs, if we have any entrants. Hey, the city is down So WRITE! Or draw *grin*

We have a pot sweetner for writers. I received my renewal notice from Writer's Digest and can give away a ONE year subscription(in the US, I would guess, six issues worth $19.95!) It will go to the winner of any of the writing contests.

1. Seasonal short stories:

Write (you just knew we would have writing contests!) an original short story fitting any seasonal event in December. The only limitations are 50 words or more. The upper limit is 2500 words. Emailme!

2. Seasonal Poems:

Write (you just knew we would have another poetry contest too!) an original poem fitting any seasonal event in December. It can rhyme or not rhyme! The only limitations are 5 lines or more. The upper limit is 25 lines. EEmailme!.

3. Seasonal graphic art:

Create an original seasonal image or edit screenshots, collages, etc. to no more than 40kn and enter. Email me. For the graphic artist we offer a pdf book deal made just for you. We can discuss real publishing, if interested. Emailme!

Send Entries to: (copy paste it!) or see if this works:jdb_educator

CVN Announces Promotion!
deb 44 has completed her second issue of the weekly News. Having to deal with the Editor is hair raisiing enough to turn a poor girl's hair white! is seasonal We are proud to announce both the release and her promotions to CVN Weekly Editor and CVN deputy News. You may see the current issue at Another is expected mid-January.

The Christmas Gift
Date: Tue, Dec 19 th, 2094 (2006 for Earthsiders) 5:10:15 pm.
From: preacher2000, CVN
Subject: Give the Gift of Cybertown!
Cybertown is a gift that keeps on giving, so be sure to give your friends and family a subscription (month or year) to Cybertown. Don't have a friend or family member that may be interested in Cybertown? Give this gift to another person in Cybertown who may be looking for a subscription.

I am already planning to give 3-Month Subscriptions to my cousins. Toys break, money is spent, clothes become to small, but the experiences and memories in CT last forever.

"It Takes Teamwork to Make the Dream Work"
preacher2000, Cybertown Virtual News

Ah Those VirtDays: December 26-!
Here are this Week's VirtDays provided to us by Megan_Cho. As We finish the entire list she provided us. We say Thank YOU, Megan!

and A Happy VirtDay to:
GemmaH December 26, 1998
Brother_Ramses: 20189 - Templar December 26, 2000

Ivoire December 27, 1999

mushh December 27, 1999
oldgrandpa December 27, 1999
Vitalone December 27, 1999
geogal2k December 28, 2000
October_Gypsy December 28, 2000
Skylark7K December 28, 2000
lloydcanfil December 29, 2000
WyldWoman: 21944 - Club Owner December 29, 2001
AnjaM December 30, 1999
Cin_intj December 30, 1999
Wovencroft December 30, 1999
One-n-only December 30, 2000
LightDancer December 30, 2001
Fluffnco December 31, 1999
LadiDdraig December 31, 1999
Talonn December 31, 1999
cai2k: 20642 - City Guide December 31, 2000
Silhouette to be entirely free...

[Founder] Hawk [74659] : told citizens on Saturday, September 16, 2094( that's 2006 for Earthsiders) " It's nice to see so many here - old faces (figuratively) and new faces I did want to tell you about one major change regarding Silhouette... you may remember that originally IVN was going to charge CT members a lower license fee and lower per-minute charges than for non-CT members (about half)... well, after much discussion, IVN has decided to make Silhouette entirely free... for all those CT members who pre-registered and to CT leaders as well as to a number of others as they apply for it With regard to where Silhouette is actually at.... it's been working well for some time now and we have been conducting our bi-weekly staff meetings with it the main thing that has slowed its release is having to combat all the incredible security measures that ISPs now use in order to combat cyber-terrorists and hackers and to make it so that the installation system is really easy for members especially with the number of firewalls that systems now have to go through so that is what is currently being worked on. One good thing out of all that we now have quite a number of interested parties (investors etc.) sniffing around us... as they see we have something quite unique and that could very well change much of the way interaction is done on the net in the future the advantage of investment funds is of course that we can then put efforts into improving and promoting CT since CT will be the first community on the planet to feature it They have something similar on Arcturas 9 :) and the metaverse Anyway. to wrap up... Thank you all so much for continuing to create CT and for your incredible patience while Silhouette has been being developed I intend to make it worth your while. That''s all. Back to your event leaders..."


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