This is a series of moral stories about a kingdom in a far off land by the sea. All the stories will start with...

Once upon a Time...

a long, long time ago in a far off kingdom by the sea...

On Reading to Younger Children

      Reading to Childen is a lot of fun. There are several things you can do to have more fun with any story and make all children's stories a more fascinating experience for the listeners too. Teachers around the world do this every day. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Practice reading with feeling and emotions, before readng to the children. Add the emotional feelings of the story: happiness, sadness, fear, humor, etc.
  • When possible change the names in the story to those of the child or children and even include their friends and family. Our Fable series prsented here is an excellent place to do that.
  • You can add names, descriptions, and then use them to create your own family series of fables.
  • Have fun with your listeners, ask questions, at any time during the story, to involve them and enjoy their thinking processes. some questions have been added for that purpose.
  • Add your own questions to any story!
  • One excellent place to do that is just before a character in a story does something. Asking "What would you do?" is a great question.
  • After the character has done something, other excellent questions include: "why do you think he/she did that?", "Would you have done that?", "What would you have done differently?" There are many more possible questions that can be asked!
  • Encourage your listeners to ask questions. You can ask them: "What do you think the answer might be?" In many cases they will give a response before you answer!

  • Do you have questions, comments, suggestions, story ideas you would like to see? Email the author at jdb_educator !