Christmas 2001
By John D. Boyden
© 12/18/01

Germinate, Activate, Celebrate!
'Tis time of cheer,
Time for love, my dear,
Exhilarate, Emulate, Emancipate!

The Child of our God is our Designate
'Tis time of grace so near,
Time for joy... die fear,
Venerate, Validate, Vindicate.

The biblical prophecies obligate,
'Tis time for prayer, here,
Time for hope... fly jeer,
Commemorate, Communicate, Congregate.

The Glory of our father is clear, so facilitate,
'Tis time to share, for ears to hear!
Time for saving... hie sneer,
Remonstrate, rehabilitate, rejuvenate.

Faith is precious, God's volunteers, indicate!
'Tis time to care, for eyes to tear,
Time for giving... bye veneer,
Dedicate, delegate, disseminate!

The Choice is yours, appreciate!
"Tis time to peer...God to steer,
Time's engineer, our lives to commandeer,
Accentuate, Alleviate, Animate!

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