Fluffy the Magic Rabbit
The Early years

Chapter 3

Fluffy and the Magick Book

The Rabbits Go Marching Two-by-Two
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Rabbits know that if you "take a hand, open a mind,and touch a heart you can shape the future."

     Once again, Mam woke Fluffy early, so he could meet Thumpy before class and give the new spells one more whirl. Fluffy slept well that night, confident in his and Thumpy's new found solution. As he munched his breakfast carrot, Fluffy re-thought the solutions to the spells. Each spell had panned out so perfectly! He was actually excited, though Wizard Stumpy still frightened him a lot! They couldn't be over confident! Fluffy shivered a little, thinking what one error could do! They must be careful and be sure to concentrate!

All they had to do was produce the book, and they aready knew how to do that, then use the right combination of sounds to open the book to the right page! It only took a couple of hours to figure out and practice the right combinations!

As dawn was smiling down on Fluffy's world, He met Thumpy. They happily met behind the glen is a small clearing, surrounded by bushes. She seemed as excited as he! "Hi! Thumpy!" Fluffy exclaimed, hopping furiously to where she nibbled some grasses.

Thumper looked up with a pleased expression. "Fluffy! Isn't it wonderful! I just love being a cloud! That's my all-time favorite! Thumpy blushed a little, looking down. "Well, of all the spells I know so far. Can we practice that first? Please? Please? she pleaded, whiskers twitching excitedly.

"I was thinking the same thing!" They rabbit smiled at each other eyes glowing.

They even looked at each other fondly, very proud of themselves. They stood close together, ears touching, and concentrated. A tingling feeling washed over both of them, the sky grew darker and then... Can you guess what happened and how they peformed the spell?

Chapter 3 Solution Spell 1: Clouds

"Let's do the hiding spell next!" Thumpy said, even more excited than before.

Fluffy nodded, waggling his ears, making Thumpy laugh. They stood together again and concentrated. Can you guess how this spell works?

Chapter 3 Solution Spell 2: Invisible

"One more to go," whispered Fluffy, "and it's the most difficult."

"I know." Said Thumpy, her ears drooping somewhat.

Together they reversed the hiding spell and were once again themselves.

"Are you ready?" Thumpy asked, her ears fallen even further.

Fluffy nodded, a tiny knot forming in his stomach.

The two of them proceeded to stand side-by-side and concentrated. To unravel the mystery of collecting, whisper:

Chapter 3 Solution Spell 3: Collecting

Fluffy and Thumpy had just finished practicing the third spell when the other twelve remaining students came through the clearing on the way to class in the glen. Still excited, but wary, Fluffy and Thumpy followed.

Fluffy noticed that eight of the other students sat together in groups of two. With themselves, that made ten. The other four rabbits seemed scared and confused. Just as Fluffy was about to share his just discovered knowledge, Wizard Stumpy appeared from out of nowhere!

"Well, my young apprentices, have you learned your spells for this morning?"

The class of apprentice 2 rabbits nodded their agreementquietly and seriously.

"Let's get started then, shall we?" Wizard Stumpy said quicly, looking closly at the single rabbits.

This was his and Thumpy's biggest chance to show some confidence in what they had learned. Fluffy eyed Thumpy. She nodded . . . ever so slowly. Fluffy batted his back paw on the ground and looked at the Wizard hopefully.

"Well, well. What have we here? Volunteers? Very well then. Step forward young apprentices Fluffy and Thumpy.

Fluffy held his head high, but his ears were lowered to show respect. Thumpy dragged a little behind, cautious and appearing not quite as sure as he.


Thumpy brought scared eyes up to Fluffy's seemingly unsure, glazing eyes. Fluffy nudged her, "It's okay. We can do this. We did it before."

Fluffy moved in behind Thumpy and their tails touched; they wiggled; they chanted softly. All was quiet for a moment. In that moment Fluffy worried they had done something wrong! He could feel Thumpy shivering. Neither spoke, but continued to concentrate.

Fluffy, a little relieved, winked at Thumpy as the books' pages fluttered open once again to the third chapter...

Fluffy and Thumpy stood straight, set about the tasks as they had practiced them, working diligenty, carefully, and most importantly, together. They performed all three spells as if they'd had been doing them for years.

"Excellent work young apprentices! Who shall be next, then?"

Fluffy and Thumpy were so excited, they could hardly breathe! They could hardly wait to get out of class, run home, and tell their mams. Their excitement kept high for a while as they watched the other students.

The next four pairs of students managed to get through the spells in varying degrees of perfection. But . . . the remaining four were quickly "poofed" to where ever it is that Wizard Stumpy sends those who have failed. Fluffy certainly didn't want to think about that! Especially not today after his great success! Working together had never been so grand!

"Okay, now that we've further weeded out those would be magick rabbits who cannot work together," Wizard Stumpy began, thumping his back paw in a slow, scary sort of pattern and eyed each student, "your next assignment is Chapter 4 and has four spells to perform! Practice these well and be ready Monday morning. Questions can wait until then." He finished, a devilish gleam in his eyes. Then *poof* he was gone.

Thumpy and Stumpy stared at each other, but at least they had the whole weekend to work on the spells.

Spell 1 - Delivering
Spell 2 - Avoiding
Spell 3 - Becoming a Shadow
Spell 4 - Shape Changing

Do you know the solution to Chapter 3's spell dilimma? Shhh! It's a secret!


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