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Manager and Writer Responsibilities
by jdb_educator, Jack and Flyby: 7/14/99; 7/26/99

~The Job

"The job" is writing and or supervising and writing. This URL is to provide potential “employees” of our publications with additional information on the Daily and Weekly News Magazine job opportunities for Cybertown. The duties are posted here and may change over time.

"Everyone in any chat is a writer...or story teller"

For Reporters, News Deputies and the Chief: There is always a need for people to write, be published and have fun.

The duties of writers are simple: Write

other important details:

  • 1. be accurate
  • 2. be factual unless writing fiction...then be clear and that it IS labeled fiction.
  • 3. reporters are courteous and responsible in Cybertown Bad reports from security may get you fired!
  • 4. grant confidentiality as needed when asking for quotes from residents or others. Apologize when you blow it! Always ASK if you may quote!!!!
  • 5. cite any research sources used at the end of an article unless clearly used in the article itself.
  • 6. You must be willing to work with your Deputy of News, if you are a reporter. If there are problems bring them to the Chief of News, after discussing with your news deputy.
  • The job: Deputy News:
    There are 8 identified areas at this time. Our ad in the daily said it:: “Cybertown News needs you! Write daily, weekly or monthly on areas of interest to Cybertown citizens such as:
    City News, Colony News, Suburb News, Coming Events, Advertising, Fiction, Political News/Foreign Desk or Club News.

    If ANYONE is interested, read the guidelines here and then write a story in plain text for the Magazine or Daily News and submit it to: jdb@hobbs.net ."

    The “job,” as manager, has Deputy pay, very little access and requires the following abilities:

    Prime responsibility: to gather, write and submit articles in a timely manner for the daily and/or the weekly news. Supervise other writers in the Deputy’s news area. You need to:

  • 1. be online enough to check on your reporters, verify their stories, if hard news or activities, and be aware of standard issues such as copy right, confidentiality and plagiarism.Original articles are our goal.
  • 2. be good at spelling, grammar and editing other's work.(at least know hoe to use your spell checker!>
  • 3. be patient and supportive of your writers.
  • 4. be a decent writer yourself.
  • 5. be able to deal effectively with problems...and KNOW when to kick them up to the Chief!
  • 6. pursue a story of your own, advising the Chief on progress.
  • 7. attend news meetings weekly with the Chief for no longer than 1 hour, 30 minutes is the goal.
  • 8. willing and open to learning new skills.
  • 9. willing and able to present your ideas and thoughts in clear language.
  • 10. willing and able to work.
  • 11. willing to complete any additional duties as agreed upon with the Chief of News.
  • Refer any problems you recognize are simply not getting resolved well, to the Chief quickly, by advising early on what is happening, so the possibility of a successful effort to solve the problem has a chance!.

    The Deputy is willing to do the following or arrange for others to help the deputy in any needed area:

    Always consult with the Chief of News regarding problems. In addition recruit writers, interview writers and recommend writers to the Chief of News. Always treat all writers and interviewees or news sources with courtesy and respect.

    All Deputies must insure the accuracy of information submitted, by their writers.

    All Deputies should over see or make corrections as needed to insure proper spelling, reasonable grammar, and appropriate content for the Cybertown publications: Daily News and Weekly News.

    Writers write! That’s what they do. Managers are writers too. They, like their writers/reporters, they “should” always be on the look out for stories of interest to our city. Writers must submit stories on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the kinds of stories. Obviously in-depth research requires more work! The schedule is more flexible for managers.We all gotta have some perks!

    Everyone is entitled to “paid” vacations...please advise the Chief!

    Everyone is entitled to enjoy the city!

    Everyone is entitled to have fun writing at least some stuff they want to write!
    (Although, it may NOT get published in the NEWS)

    The Cybertown Daily News
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