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by lilBunny, CVN Deputy and jdb_educator, CVN Editor


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We continue our series on Heroes
by lilBunny, CVN Deputy

Hopping along my merry way, I stopped to munch a fresh carrot and have a sip of refreshing iced tea. A couple of Sparrows scraped for the last crumb of bread someone had tossed down for them. As the wind gently rustled in the treetops, it occurred to me that heroes come in many sizes and shapes. Heroes do different things and they do them in many different ways.
Heroes don't even have to be human. There have been plenty of animal heroes in real life! Heroes can also be fictional, comic book, movie, or even comic book heroes. There are even several bunny heroes, although so far we haven't discovered any in real life. The following link suggests that it there is one defining moment in the life of a hero that makes a hero.

Brad Meltzer's gift lasts forever

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