The Revenant

-A short story of Evil for Halloween by

Written for Cybertown Citizens and their friends

A revenant is one who returns, a spirit.


     Deep in the farthest, blackest, most hopeless depths of the evil spirit world a creature was born. It was born out of Hate and Malice. It was midwived by the Despair of the World. As she grew she was trained by Fear, Hatred, (her father), Revenge and Malice(her mother). With her family background she was named Soul Destroyer by the Evil One. Malice, of course, had shaped her very being and raised Soul Destroyer from the very beginning. They all saw what they had created, trained, and carefully brewed for All Hallows Eve. They had long and carefully made their Plans. However, their plans were not the only plans being made.

     As part of their training, Soul Destroyer was sent to several small earth-like worlds where she began and practiced her work. It went well. She brought home many souls, (999, 999 to be exact). She grew in strength and power over this one year of training. Her training practice time had only been that single year. Now, Soul Destroyer was a very young, yet very old and burdened spirit who could become mist, become completely invisible or even solidify into a number of physically present ghostly-faded- forms of horrifying images. Those images included many stolen from the minds of victims, spirits, people or creatures around her, as well as those available from the complete record of everyone available in the records.

     Revenge: " This is your last training, my hungry one."

     Soul Destroyer looked strangely at her renowned teacher of Evil and snarled then grimaced. Her training had been clear and painful. Missteps were unacceptable and punished severely. The punishment had stopped when Soul Destroyer had learned to accept, welcome, and even begin to enjoy the pain. The rewards were trips to Chaos, the right to choose pain-filled pleasures, and frequent "chats" with the Master.

     "Yes, Master" she nodded respectfully with her eyes brimming with hatred. "What is my assignment?"

     Revenge " We have brought you an Innocent, for you to take."

     Soul Destroyer "What fun is there possible? The Innocent knows little of pain and nothing of the world, does it?

     Revenge: "Ah my very sharp student, Now you understand the difficult nature of this assignment."

     The two of them glided to the chamber where the baby rested under a spell that kept the baby in a limbo sensing nothing, needing nothing. The chamber had been remade into the familiar forms known to the only weeks old baby. The atmosphere included all the memories, the smells, flavors, and sensations of its home, stolen from the small brain and spirit of the baby.

     Soul Destroyer looked down on the tiny baby, searching for fears, pains, and anything else that would allow her entry She was amazed. She took a vague shadowy form, full of the smells and emotional sensations of the mother... and began...

Now dear reader you have one or more choices to make. Here are the ONLY choices you are allowed.

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  2. You may continue with one or both of the Ultimate Evil or the Disaster endings.
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