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You found your way here! Are you bored, curious, have too much time on your hands? Do you want to learn a little more about this author? The Author page is updated weekly. The updates provided will be minimal until I am close to publishing. Explore and enjoy.

Still Sidelined

I've edited five chapters of my novel. Any success or failure will be recorded in my daily blog before it appears here. I began editing my original novel on May 26, 2017. My book is back on the table, but I'm not working on it. The first week in July of 2018 marked my return to the goals of writing, editing, and publishing. Nothing has been accomplished with writing/editing.

My review on this novel focuses on how the thirty-five chapters work together and changes I need to make. Transitions and integrating three separate character stories look like the main challenges I will face.

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Total Downloads since publication for all books: 1771 + 13 = 1784 total downloads. In my count here, I am leaving out over 100 downloads that may be giveaways, lost books, or unexplained.

I am back to writing, editing, and formatting an actual, real, full length novel for money!

2017 Total: 1734

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What's New?

My blog will tell you what I am doing and thinking daily before I publish the weekly update of this page. I do update this page every week. Links to my publications (at the bottom of this column) are also found on our page two with links to e-reader software.

As always, check my blog for any daily updates, frustrations, catastrophes, or those unexpected changes that seem to pop up almost daily. While informative, the blogisodes are written off the top of my head, rarely planned. They are edited with changes to some previous content, and quickly posted. The intention is to make sure I write every possible day. I'm doing well with that goal.


Read jdb's Daily Activity Blog if you want to see where I'll be making appearances or what I'm doing.

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My Blog

I blog daily. My comments and thoughts on the previous day and ongoing activity are found on jdb's Daily Activity Blog
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An Explanation of Feedback

... for current and future Readers... The purpose of having the help of readers before publishing is the process may make the writing better. Each reader brings different skills, perspectives, and perceptions.

Here is a laundry list of what you can offer writers. I will always want help. It is ALL about feedback. I need readers to tell me what they find, see, understand, like, and don't like about any story they review. I ask for, you, my readers, to give me feedback in whatever way works for you. I will also ask follow up questions!

Start the conversation! Sometimes, even "IDK!!" is an acceptable, if frustrating response.

Critique Me!

Here is a Laundry List of Possibilities
  • ask questions
  • correct those grammar goofs and errors
  • find those "oopsies", typos
  • show the writer what you don't understand
  • point out errors in plotting, details, or how the story moves
  • tell the writer what works for the reader
  • tell the writer what doesn't work for the reader
  • make suggestions, as in "have you thought about..."
  • comment on or question the beginning, the middle of the story, and the end
  • comment on how well or poorly the story moves along. Does the story keep you wanting to read it?
  • comment on any parts of the story that interest you, or lose your interest
  • Tell ME What You Think about the story, the site, anything!!

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