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Some Available Pages?
by jdb_educator
We found some fun pages way back on March 13, 2012 and offered these memories for you to explore in and out of Cybertown. No login required. We won't burden you with a bunch of URLS here. We will just provide you four we discovered. These will stay on CVN, just above the "More Available Pages".

A page with amazing links: http://cybertownspirit.home.comcast.net/~cybertownspirit/tour.htm
Old Town: http://www.cybertown.com/colonies/otapts5.html

Faces of Cybertown(probably old?) http://foct.ctcolonies.com/
Pets of Cybertown (probably old?)http://poct.ctcolonies.com/

More Available Pages
by jdb_educator
These links are to stuff you may have read or glanced at when you started Cybertown, but likely have not looked at unless you became a Council Member or were banned! These links will stay on CVN, just above the terms of service.

Cybertown Unified Ban Policy: http://www.cybertown.com/UBP2090.html
Cybertown Overview: http://www.cybertown.com/overview/index.html
Cybertown Information: http://www.cybertown.com/info/about/details/information.html
CYBERTOWN, INC. LEGAL NOTICES/TERMS OF SERVICE http://www.cybertown.com/notices/legalnotice.html
THE CYBERTOWN CONSTITUTION: http://www.cybertown.com/info/about/details/constitution.html
CYBERTOWN PRIVACY STATEMENT: http://www.cybertown.com/notices/privacystate.html
Parental Permission: http://www.cybertown.com/notices/parents/parental.html

Our Archives!!
by jdb_educator, CVN
---March 9 2100 --- Our reported discovery of major CT changes on March 8 is renamed index-2-030812 http://cvnweekly.50megs.com/Cybertown/index-2-030812.html It was a rare second edition on that date.

We have been saving our previous days page by merely adding the month, day and year. So Each index page becomes index + date: http://cvnweekly.50megs.com/Cybertown/index030812.html and they go all the way back to http://cvnweekly.50megs.com/Cybertown/index010112 . Missing may be a few days when the Daily page was working in Cybertown.

by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

The Weekly News still serves as Emergency Notification System URL: http://www.cvnweekly.50megs.com

Our Alternate Daily location since January 2100 (2012 for Earthsiders): http://www.cvnweekly.50megs.com/Cybertown/


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