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Welcome to part of my web home. Here I will play this month writing my new Sci-Fi novel "Just An Experiment" and will post some excerpts. You can also see the sites, which lol serve both you and me as quick online access on any browser from anywhere.

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  • (Posted 3/22/03)

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    Posted 11/17/04
  • Just An Experiment excerpt 1

  • edit 10 of "Where's The Scam?"

  • - Posted 3/31/04: The conclusion of over 50 hours of editing. I estimate it at about 1/3 done for now

    Here are some my ongoing writing efforts.
    I hope you enjoy them.
    Just so you know, each click will open a brand new window for you to close! :)) This url will soon be expanding as I add sections and writings. Like all writers, I love feedback. Good or bad feedback, constructive of course is always the best. Helping to improve writing, encouraging writers, and now seeking publication, online writing jobs, contests and awards are my goals.
    Stories for teachers, parents and children:

    Fluffy The Magic Rabbit, a fun series of imagination
    Boo The Bear Series
    Moral fables for Reading to Children
    A Little Christmas Story for children and adults

    Christmas 12-18 -poetry
    Cybertown Christmas-poetry
    Thanksgiving-Seasons of Joy
    Voice download with this one:
    Thanksgiving-Seasons of Prayer

    Three ideas awaiting time to develop
    The Revenant: A short Halloween story of Good and evil

    Poetry Books-3 completed

    Two projects in development

    Three projects in development

    Two Projects in development

    Book samples:
    Where's The Scam?my November 2003 semi-edit before National Novel Editing Month

    jdb_educator aka John D. Boyden

    Write the author: jdb_educator! OR Visit me in Cybertown!

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