March 12 2013
Thank a Veteran today!

Headline News
Work continues on updating CVN and other pages with three simple examples today ----

A bright cheery good day to you. Why is it good? I can only tell you why it is good for me! I got up at 3:20 AM MST. I put a Turkey in the oven, read my planning document, made my daily diary entry and began playing with html. Just the thought of Turkey tonight makes it a wonderful day. My 26 lbs. turkey went into the oven frozen at about 3:40 am at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Is it a good day for you? I hope so, and crazy as it might seem to you, I pray for you and the billions more on this planet several times a day. I encourage you to make today a good day for you.

These example pages take a few of the features from our old CVN News for use across each of the three examples I present today.

Here are a few of the possible starter pages for our news below.


Next up is adding pictures. Titles and playing some more with format. The goal is simple, effective presentation. I think some of the link colors have to change too. With all that said, I feel like it was an hour of page making well spent.

Our Archives!!
by jdb_educator, CVN
The Cybertown Daily News is located at http://cvnweekly.50megs.com/Cybertown/

We have been saving our previous days page by merely adding the month, day and year. So each index page becomes index + date + .html: The last February 2013 edition ishttp://cvnweekly.50megs.com/Cybertown/index022812.html and these archived editions go all the way back to http://cvnweekly.50megs.com/Cybertown/index010112 . Missing may be a few days when the Daily page was working in Cybertown.