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January 1 2101
Thank a Veteran today!

----Cybertown images and pages down, No 2D/3D --- Cybertown Virtual News ... CVN is here for our citizens!!!

Welcome to the future: The current year is 2101 !

Welcome to The Cybertown Virtual News (CVN!)

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Headline News

jdb says We check daily just by seeing if any images are retrieved. ... Our Cybertown images and city html pages have poofed. No 2D/3D locations seem to be available either. ----

jdb says === Today, January 1, Cybertown images and html pages remained gone during our online page checks this morning at about 7:31 AM (EST). We checked as usual. No 2D/3D access seems available. This is a special New Year's Edition and we have removed MOST images and stories from earlier editions. Some will return tomorrow! ===

New Year's Edition
by jdb_educator

--- January 1 2013 --- Today begins a brand new year. It is the first day of our life in 2013. Make it worthwhile! May you, all your family and friends, be blessed with truth, beauty, love, and laughter! We encourage your hope today, tomorrow, and the rest of this year, and the next. We all want to find happiness, joy, and all good things happening on a daily basis. Somehow we doubt that will happen, daily. Still, it is a new year, and everything seems brighter and more possible when you are beginning, instead of ending.

This is our special New Year's Day edition of CVN prepared for you! We hope you enjoy it.

Weird Laws
by jdb_educator

--- January 1 2013 --- Over the years we have reviewed many odd ball laws. Here are some that go into effect today, here in the US, on the first day of 2013.

Positive Trends for 2013?
by jdb_educator

--- January 1 2013 --- Agree or disagree, each year is sour and bitter for some and hopeful and positive for bothers.

Meteor Showers!
by jdb_educator

--- January 1 2013 --- "Just in case you aren't interested in braving the cold, NASA is streaming the shower for free online from Jan. 2 to Jan. 4. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., has a light-activated camera pointed to the sky to record and live-stream the meteor shower during its peak."

Our source and story:

by jdb_educator

--- January 1 2013 --- We all have memories of Cybertown. Good and bad. I will never forget the explosion of sound and color I discovered there. I will never forget the passions, anger, joy, sheer fun and craziness I experienced as a member. It is not strange at all, how very like real life the experience was. I give thanks to Hawk, our founder, for all those opportunities.

New Year's card from Tony Rockcliff>

Simple Security
by jdb_educator

--- January 1 --- Ten simple security steps you can take as we begin our new year.

--- December 24 --- Here is a story on one of the last things you really want to think about,(Those Pesky Passwords) but it is also one of your best defenses against hackers. So, take a deep breath, grab a hot drink, and read:

Cybertown Search
by jdb_educator

--- January 1 --- No change, no access, not even the images returning.

--- December 1 - 31 --- No change, no access, not even the images returning.

--- November 1 - 30 --- No change in access at

Our Archives!!
by jdb_educator, CVN
---March 9 2100 --- Our reported discovery of major CT changes on March 8 is renamed index-2-030812 It was a rare second edition on that date.

We have been saving our previous days page by merely adding the month, day and year. So Each index page becomes index + date: and they go all the way back to . Missing may be a few days when the Daily page was working in Cybertown.

by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

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