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CVN Begins Daily Reporting

It is nice to be back to some basic reporting! We will try to present you three stories each day here. Our daily blog is a companion piece at jdb's Daily Activity Blog Please become a subscriber and comment.

A Cyber Attack to Make You Think

How vulnerable are we? Daily we all experience problems on the web, whether it is the web, our connection, or even our computers. Major businesses are targets for virtual attacks that cause delays and loss of access to needed services.

Cyber attacks are common anymore, but CNN reports on one guy traveling in a van around Spain who had an amazing effect.

Visit a Museum Today!

Celebration of museums and artists is fun! The Rijksmuseum and Rembrandt were the subject of an interactive release in early April. This is a URL for museum lovers who like to view great art on the web

The First Web Page on the W3

The first web page is now a history project. CNN reports a group is reconstructing that historic page. CERN stands for The European Organization for Nuclear Research. We can join the celebration with CNN's screenshots and story on the 20th anniversary of the date CERN released free technology and software newcomers would need to run a Web server. CNN says:

"British physicist Tim Berners-Lee created and named the Web (also commonly called "W3" for short in those days) in 1989 at CERN. Originally, it was designed as a way for scientists at different universities and other institutes to share information."

CVN Begins Implementing Changes

We are undergoing lots of change this year: name changes, a refocus of energies, the challenges of new projects, and with the newly finalized coding –we are dragged and screaming into the present – as we are carried into HTML 5 and that voyage of discovery and learning.

We do have several ongoing projects that need work on and they are listed below. Each will be changing over the next year.

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Browser Use and Navigation

As we experimented browser use with HTML 5, we discovered that Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Slimbrowser work very well. Internet Explorer always asks us to run Active X script, then does a good job once that is approved. Without the Active X script running, the page reformats incorrectly. We suspect that may not be true with newer versions, but IE 8 is the latest edition we can currently use. Anyone using a different browser, we would love to hear from you about your experience browsing our pages.

We Are Recruiting Writers, Graphic Artists, Tech specialists and Collaborators!

Sure, it's a dream! We all have dreams. Everyone wants something and we are no different.

We are currently looking for all the free help we can get. Over the years, we have discovered a lot of talented people who never thought they could write, edit, or have the fun of producing web stories people would read. We offer free training and publishing opportunities.

We have always recruited. and always will. Unpaid jobs are ALWAYS available.

There is always the possibility that we will come up with a project idea that will pay, and participants in such a project would also get paid. So bring your dreams and let's chat!

See our "You Can Contact us" section for ways to get in touch. The section is located at the very top in the left column. Once you contact us, we also have Skype and a phone # for possible follow up.

You Can Contact Us

WAYS TO CONTACT: Leave a Facebook message for John D. Boyden or email him at )
Please include any nickname (or your real name) you want to use and please state CVN as your subject! Thank you in advance.

by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

The Weekly News has served as an Emergency Notification System URL for information relating to Cybertown:
It will now serve other purposes, unless Cybertown magically reappears.

Our Alternate Daily location has long been (2012-2013) located at:
It is now the Cybertown Daily News Archive.

CVN's New Voyage
by jdb_educator, Editor

We now begin our new voyage of discovery with CVN publications. The number of publication sites will expand as new writers, bloggers, and commentators join us. Each project we create or in which we are involved will have its own page linked to the indexes of our publications.

We DO need your help to spread the word to anyone interested or your friends and acquaintances who might be interested. Please Help! Send them to our new home at