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Tuesday, April 15, 2014.
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National Poetry Month

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Join us for a look at Bing's picture of the day, Happy Tax Day! College Hockey Champ, The World's Oldest Bank, Bing Tuesday, Bing Monday, Passover, Multiple Math Usage, Poets, Happy Tax Time!, Easter, our news sources and always so much more.

You'll also find lots more with our usual searches and ongoing stories along with comics.

BING: Picture of the Day

Take a look at the latest picture from Bing

Happy Tax Day!

We added to our cartoon/image search. Many people will STILL be sweating over their tax forms today. Some have been for the past several days. Our sympathies are with you.

Picture jokes! Accountant and tax jokes:
And a few more tax jokes

College Hockey Champ

It doesn't happen a lot, but once again the little guy has beaten the big guy. The David of hockey slew Goliath. A college with an enrolment of 2,200 beat a University with an enrollment of 48,000. It is noteworthy.

Read about this small school that won the 2014 division 1 College Hockey National Champion. Meet Union College, NY.
Now you can List of Champions through the years

The World's Oldest Bank

Where do you think you would find the world's oldest, operating bank? We thought this was a fascinating trivia question. Check out
The Oldest Bank. If that interests you, here is an article on The history of Banking from Wikipedia.

Bing Tuesday

Fast Track Guilin videos
Guilin City
Reed Flute Cave videos
Osmanthus fragrans

Bing Monday

Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll
Surfing in the Maldives
Mapping the area


"Passover begins at sunset Monday, April 14, 2014 (today) and ends at nightfall Tuesday, April 22, 2014."

Multiple Math Usage

The variety of use in writing, art and oh yes, math are a testament to creativity and exploration
fibonacci sequence


Natasha Trethewey 2013-14
Maya Angelou
Robert Frost
William Wordsworth
It's National Poetry Month! Go ye and read Poetry!

Here are the details on National Poetry Month 2014


Easter 2014 then enjoy some of these recipes

News Compared

Access a few of the most popular news sources from around the world.

BBC Today: usually plays smoothly. It runs about 1:30 with the ad: We wonder what changes are coming. For a week we've been getting a notice that the video contains flash photography. Sometimes the audio starts before the video.

MSN today's whole site is set up for quick scanning.
MSN Top Ten: We keep tracking, these URL changes intrigue us.
Yahoo GMA: See the video or pictures today and the list of story links. Click the pic upon arrival for that story. :
CNN Newday: We've been watching with interest as CNN revised it's site travel, filing the morning under a second click. We are enjoying the video minute on the home page.
Home page:
CNN "5 things" Archive:
USA Today:
USA Today: Five things
NBC News:
NBC Top 6 in "know it all", and it is easy to find:
NBC is back to 6 stories today:
Know it all Search:
CBS Video: Eye Opener: The world in 90 seconds.
Links to other videos are usually available.
Canada 680 in Toronto: This one has ads with a clear schedule and lots of news:
680 News site (fun to explore):

Other Sports

It is time to catch up on the other sports activity going on, so here are several searches for the latest news on:
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Tour de France
  • Horse Racing
  • Track and Field
  • Football draft
  • Soccer
  • jai alai
  • Frisbee or Disc Golf
  • Free Pictures Forever?

    The Comics

    The Comics change Daily! Sadly the second site does not present as much initial content with the editorial cartoons.

    USA Today: Editorial Cartoons:
    Their success at presenting multiple ad impressions is an editorial cartoon all by itself! One new cartoon is added daily.

    Our Latest Searches

    With so much going on in the world we thought we'd try a few new searches over hot button issues and international locations that stay in the news from day to day that interest us. We hope they may interest you.

    Human Rights:
    Civil Rights:



    Catch up on the Ancient World

    Play with it! NBC has a cool search:

    Obamacare We like our one stop news source. They keep it updated. We think it works better than just grabbing stories and we will keep it! This will likely remain a constant news attack point until January's budget talks take front stage, center again:

    The Supreme Court Current Session Here is a search to keep up with news from John Roberts and the Supremes!

    Storms and Earthquakes We created a few weather searches so we - and our readers - could keep up on the latest devastation news happening too often these days around the world. We may play with our search parameters. It doesn't seem to be sorting the stories very well.

    Typhoons: Edited:

    Hurricanes: Edited:


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