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Thursday, September 18, 2014.
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Changes will continue to creep in. You'll also find a previous story now and then, any ongoing story links we keep, and lots of links to the searches we follow.

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We use these the most often, so we moved them up to the top to save scrolling. We will continue to scrutinize our news sources and add to them.

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BBC Today video minute:
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MSN today's whole site is set up for quick scanning.

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500 issues published
Today we are celebrating our 500th issue of Collected Virtual News. Here is our first official attempt on May 1 2013.

Scotland Free? Yea or Nay:
The pundits keep saying there will be change no matter how the vote goes. We should know Friday or Saturday. Ninety-seven percent of the eligible electorate is registered to vote. Voting began around 3AM EDT.

Ukraine moves towards EU and votes Self Rule for rebel held areas. Over the next few days we will begin to see how this affects the area.

US Constitution Day The document was signed September 17, 1789. Bing research offers links to lesson plans on the Microsoft Educator Network to educators.

Our Bing Daily Feature

We visit the guanaco (Lama guanacoe) They are small critters (less than four feet high), but the young are smaller still, and yes cute! These baby guanaco pictures will show you how cute! Home is this brutal, beautiful land filmed by NatGeo called Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Chile. The guanaco have 4X the red blood cells we humans doo, because they live where there is little oxygen.

Weekend Anytime News

Our weekend additions are now part of our daily list of links, and will expand. They are available whenever you have a weekend.
USA Weekend:

The Onion: We think of it as False News for a Faulty world! This is a perfect weekend link, although new editions are kicked out, squalling, from the publisher's womb every Wednesday.

Music Page
Another couple of hours celebrating music passed by. Seeing one name still leads to another, then another. This will take many more hours. What fun! Let the memories flow. September 12 debuts My second music videos page. What a fabulous distraction. Here is a Bing search for music, just type in a name after the word videos to see what you can find.

News Whenever

The Majors

Quick Looks
Yahoo GMA: See the video or pictures today and the list of story links. Click the pic upon arrival for that story. :
CNN Newday: Home page:
USA Today Right Now:

USA Today Search:
CNN "5 things" Archive:
NBC Top (5-7) in "know it all", and it is easy to find:
Know it all Search (Great Archive):

Canada 680 in Toronto: This one has ads with a clear schedule and lots of news:
680 News site (fun to explore):

Mexico News search

Central America
Central America News search
Central America News search 2

College Football Underway!

The majority of teams kicked off on Saturday. We found one scoreboard from ESPN where we all can check all the scores from every level of college football.

The Comics

The Comics change Daily! Sadly the second site does not present as much initial content with the editorial cartoons.

USA Today: Editorial Cartoons:
Their success at presenting multiple ad impressions is an editorial cartoon all by itself! One new cartoon is added daily.

The US Open

The US Open Tennis Championship will finish September 8. Keep updated with a click or two.

News Aggregators

We spent a little time in search and discovered:

Two sites we liked:
This new Polurls find interests us, It comes in three flavors, this first one is conservative.
Polurls-blue: "progressives"
Polurls-purple: "moderates"
Fark: is liberal, but funny

Most Biased News

Looking for different viewpoints brings us to identify conservative and liberal media. Here are two examples representing the extremes. Many people say or suggest all media is biased. Here are examples we consider polar opposites.
Conservative: FOX News
Liberal: The Daily Kos:

CVN Football

We will have to tweak these pages!
CVN Football Page
jdb's Football page
Pictures of Chicago.

The 35th America's Cup

Sailing time is fast approaching. Read the news at the Americas Cup site. Six teams are competing. Last year's race took place in September. While we didn't see any dates, we did confirm the same for this year. You can keep up with the news at any of these sites. We expect to add this story to our ongoing story links. You can explore Bing's search for America's Cup sailing. We did enjoy the video history presented at the Sailing World site, and the written history on the America's Cup site.

Our Sports Searches

It is time to catch up on the other sports activity going on, so here are several searches for the latest news on:
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Horse Racing
  • NFL News
  • College Football News
  • Our Searches

    With so much going on in the world we thought we'd try a few new searches over hot button issues and international locations that stay in the news from day to day that interest us. WE have been surprised that our sources bring us so little international news from Central and South America. We will look for additional sources in our searches.

    Human Rights:
    Civil Rights:

    Bolivia: Bolivia, latest news
    Brazil: Brazil, latest news
    Argentina: Argentina, latest news
    Peru: Peru, latest news
    Chile: Chile, latest news
    New Mexico: New Mexico images
    New Mexico: New Mexico, latest news
    New Mexico News Search:


    Catch up on the Ancient World

    Obamacare We like our one stop news source. They keep it updated. We think it works better than just grabbing stories and we will keep it! This will likely remain an off and on again news attack point until post election budget talks (again!) take front stage, center again:

    Storms and Earthquakes
    We created a few weather searches so we - and our readers - could keep up on the latest devastation news happening too often these days around the world. We may play with our search parameters. It doesn't seem to be sorting the stories very well.




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