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Sunday, March 29, 2015.
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Join us for our news links, searches and Bing's daily feature. We've been moving more links around. We continue to tinker.

Our Bing Daily Feature

Opening the morning picture from BING takes us to more pictures of the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona with the first click. A second click takes us to a 4:36 min/sec video that discusses dinosaurs in the desert. The time lapse pictures add beauty to the story. Discoveries in this area continue. Only two years ago the Long-nosed leopard lizard was found here, as shown in the third click.

March Madness Continues

The NCAA is moving along for the men and women. The regional finals of the elite eight will determine the Final Four this weekend. We'll leave this one link for ESPN basketball coverage, and drop the rest of our story. Most tournament details are available. It is harder to find the lower levels of college finals this year.

Women's History Month

This month we celebrate women's history. Here is a start with many famous women to explore.

Explore Bing Wallpaper is an amazing gallery building BING's sixth year of collected pictures. The first picture was on June 3, 2009. You are bound to find some pictures to add to screen shows or screen savers. You are also likely to find and see the previous days image selection.

Just in case OUR library doesn't work for you, here is a clean link that certainly should work. Go to The Bing Gallery> (

Bing Predictions

The Bing Predictions form

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Weekend Anytime News

These weekend additions are now part of our daily list of links, and will expand. They are available whenever you have a weekend.
USA Weekend:

The Onion: We think of it as False News for a Faulty world! This is a perfect weekend link, although new editions are kicked out, squalling, from the publisher's womb every Wednesday.

Music Page
October 14 debuted My fourth version of a music videos page. I've pretty much ignored it in December. At least one more version is coming.

Here is a Bing search for music, just type in a name after the word videos to see what you can find.

A Spicy Cooking
Bing has a new form on spicy recipes that we have added.

The Comics
The Comics change Daily! Sadly the editorial cartoon site does not present as much initial content with the editorial cartoons, but there are a variety available.

USA Today: Editorial Cartoons:
Their success at presenting multiple ad impressions is an editorial cartoon all by itself! One new cartoon is added daily.

USA Today Search:
CNN "5 things" Archive:
NBC Top (5-7) in "know it all", and it is easy to find:
Know it all Search (Great Archive):

Our Searches

With so much going on in the world we thought we'd try a few new searches over hot button issues and international locations that stay in the news from day to day that interest us. WE have been surprised that our sources bring us so little international news from Central and South America. We will look for additional sources in our searches.

Human Rights:
Civil Rights:

The Catalonia independence movement search is pretty silent. We're adding two more sources: Catalonia Spain Independence and to our daily checking. It does appear to be updated daily.

Hong Kong Protests search shows more arrests.

American protests in the news.

Catch up on the Ancient World

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Election Returns 2014
Our local Lea county and New Mexico State results are best viewed from the Secretary of State's pages.

The US Election Center doesn't bring in the results we like to see. The election trivia section is fun. Lots of information is available.

The Supreme Court Current Session

The December session continues with deliberations and announcements. The calendar shows their schedule. Fridays are conference days. There is a wealth of information on the website. Past decisions, in pdf files, can be read in adobe reader files downloaded from

Keep up with the latest news from John Roberts and the Supremes!

Here is our search:

We still like this blog and site! we'll check it throughout this session:


We like our one stop news source. They keep it updated. We think it works better than just grabbing stories and we will keep it! This will likely remain an off and on again news attack point until post election budget talks (again!) take front stage, center again:

Older Projects

We do have two older, ongoing projects that need work and they are listed below. Each will be changed over the next year, or the next, etc. No volunteers have offered to help, sadly. We will alert you when each is ready. Anyone want to help? --- ---


Celebrate all veterans, living and dead, every day. Veterans Day 2015 on Bing.

News Whenever

The Majors

The Minors

Most Biased News

The Extreme Views:
Conservative: FOX News
Liberal: The Daily Kos:

News Wherever: USA

Los Angeles Now: LA Now We will search for a few others too.
Our Neighbors
Canada 680 in Toronto: This one has ads with a clear schedule and lots of news:
680 News site (fun to explore):

Mexico News search

Central America

Belize, latest news
Guatemala, latest news
Honduras, latest news
Nicaragua, latest news
Costa Rica
Costa Rica, latest news
Panama, latest news

News Wherever:SA

We start with news in English from South America.


The Tallest Peaks

This image search, tallest+peaks. The magic is in the form used.

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