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Tuesday, October 21, 2014.
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Join us for Our News links. See Bing's daily feature.

Changes and edits continue to creep in. You'll also find a previous story now and then, any ongoing story links we keep, and lots of links to the searches we follow.

Our Daily News Favorites

We use these the most often, so we moved them up to the top to save scrolling. We will continue to scrutinize our news sources and add to them.

CVN Favorites
BBC Today video minute:
Breaking News:
Bing News:
MSN today's whole site is set up for quick scanning.

Our Bing Daily Feature

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is our first stop today. A video of the Museum's opening in 1959 shows us a typical news reel footage of the time. Frank Lloyd Wright was the architect. The zoomable map shows just how unusual this building is still in 2014.

Halloween Searches

There are tons of pages about Halloween. This search has a countdown clock. Lots of people are tracking this event.

Halloween costumes are always big, this time of year. We begin our own preparations. We have a Roaring 20s bash coming October 28th to celebrate 90 years of Toastmasters. Every era has styles we now refer to as costumes. The Roaring 20s are a good example. Here are a bunch of pictures. This time, let's look at what people wore as captured by photographs. Most of those were women, so here is a men's fashion page.

CVN Selects: Features

Now and then we will select features, topics, or searches for your viewing and place them here, before our separate Bing feature.

The World Series starts Tuesday Night. All games are scheduled for pre-game talking heads at 7:30 PM ET broadcast on FOX. Tuesday October 21 begins the series in Kansas City. The games will start around 8:07 PM ET. The Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants play for the championship. Our simple search will bring us the news for the Baseball World Series 2014

The latest on the Catalonia independence referendum. Protestors gather. Their goal: to try to make the first vote a real step toward independence. The "unofficial vote" moves forward with the so-called "consultation" run by volunteers, rather than the Catalonian government.

According to AP and Reuters, Catalonia's independence vote is sidelined by Spain's Supreme Court. They plan to go ahead with an unofficial "symbolic" vote on November 9. Reuters reports it as a "consultation of citizens".

Talks began Tuesday. The world news does not expect success. Will the protests continue? Conflict returned again to the Hong Kong Protest. Now FOX tells us "Hong Kong's leader has claimed that 'external forces' are participating in student-led pro-democracy protests." Arrests, large crowds, and injuries reported. Police continue to take down protestors. Protestors continue to demonstrate.

The US Election Center is active. Lots of information is available. There are predictions. The results will come. The voters will decide. Getting more voters to the polls makes the difference. Will this be the most expensive mid-term in history? Probably. Millions have been rolled into campaigns.

The Supreme Court Current Session

The October session continues with deliberations and announcements. The calendar will show their schedule. Fridays are conference days. There is a wealth of information on the website. Past decisions, in pdf files, can be read in adobe reader files downloaded from

Keep up with the latest news from John Roberts and the Supremes! The search reveals the news coming from the court, with other courts popping up in the list too. It is interesting to read about India's Supreme Court too. Here is our search:

We still like this blog and site! we'll check it throughout this session:

Online Tools

This Bing Calculator starts this new section.

We are studying this one: a conversion search for mm to inches. Volume and many other conversions are offered too. We were able to reset the search to show one inch.

Weekend Anytime News

These weekend additions are now part of our daily list of links, and will expand. They are available whenever you have a weekend.
USA Weekend:

The Onion: We think of it as False News for a Faulty world! This is a perfect weekend link, although new editions are kicked out, squalling, from the publisher's womb every Wednesday.

Music Page
I continue to spend a few stolen pleasurable hours celebrating music. Seeing one name still leads to another, then another. This page is a long way from done. What fun! Let the memories flow. October 14 debuts My fourth version of a music videos page. What a fabulous distraction. At least one more version is coming. Most likely several.

Here is a Bing search for music, just type in a name after the word videos to see what you can find.

News Whenever

The Majors

News Wherever:SA

We start with news in English from South America.
This has Java script Obfuscation type 156. When we click on it. We've done that three times. AVG catches it each time. We chose not to make this link live. Wikipedia explains about what the coding does. It may be benign.

Quick Looks

Yahoo GMA: See the video or pictures today and the list of story links. Click the pic upon arrival for that story. :
CNN Newday: Home page:
USA Today Right Now:

USA Today Search:
CNN "5 things" Archive:
NBC Top (5-7) in "know it all", and it is easy to find:
Know it all Search (Great Archive):

Canada 680 in Toronto: This one has ads with a clear schedule and lots of news:
680 News site (fun to explore):

Mexico News search

Central America
Central America News search
Central America News search 2

College Football!

Each weekend brings excitement, joy, and tears. There are lots of sources for sports news, we chose ESPN college football news: scoreboard from ESPN. We can check all the scores from every level of college football.

The Comics

The Comics change Daily! Sadly the second site does not present as much initial content with the editorial cartoons.

USA Today: Editorial Cartoons:
Their success at presenting multiple ad impressions is an editorial cartoon all by itself! One new cartoon is added daily.

News Aggregators

We spent a little time in search and discovered:

Two sites we liked:
This new Polurls find interests us, It comes in three flavors, this first one is conservative.
Polurls-blue: "progressives"
Polurls-purple: "moderates"
Fark: is liberal, but funny

Most Biased News

Looking for different viewpoints brings us to identify conservative and liberal media. Here are two examples representing the extremes. Many people say or suggest all media is biased. Here are examples we consider polar opposites.
Conservative: FOX News
Liberal: The Daily Kos:

The 35th America's Cup in 2017!

There will be lots of races leading up to the America's Cup in 2017. Here is the story: We'll check the news about once a week. You can explore Bing's search for America's Cup sailing. We did enjoy the video history presented at the Sailing World site, and the written history on the America's Cup site.

Our Sports Searches

It is time to catch up on the other sports activity going on, so here are several searches for the latest news on:
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Horse Racing
  • NFL News
  • College Football News
  • Our Searches

    With so much going on in the world we thought we'd try a few new searches over hot button issues and international locations that stay in the news from day to day that interest us. WE have been surprised that our sources bring us so little international news from Central and South America. We will look for additional sources in our searches.

    Human Rights:
    Civil Rights:

    Bolivia: Bolivia, latest news
    Brazil: Brazil, latest news
    Argentina: Argentina, latest news
    Peru: Peru, latest news
    Chile: Chile, latest news
    New Mexico: New Mexico images
    New Mexico: New Mexico, latest news
    New Mexico News Search:


    Catch up on the Ancient World

    Obamacare We like our one stop news source. They keep it updated. We think it works better than just grabbing stories and we will keep it! This will likely remain an off and on again news attack point until post election budget talks (again!) take front stage, center again:

    Storms and Earthquakes
    We created a few weather searches so we - and our readers - could keep up on the latest devastation news happening too often these days around the world. We may play with our search parameters. It doesn't seem to be sorting the stories very well.




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