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Join us as we look at Bing's picture of Seudre France. See the "Comet of the Century". Wave to the NSA, People! Track the Shutdown: Day 1: As the games continue, and Obamacare Begins today, anyway! Have you looked at your exchange?

BING Picture of the Day

Today Bing's picture of Seudre France. We check this feature almost daily and continue to be impressed with the beauty found around the world. Take a look at one or more of these GREAT pictures.

"Comet of the Century"

ISON is taking a Mars Flyby today

And if you haven't explored the features of Wunderground, pot in your local area and look around!

Wave to the NSA, People

We just had to keep this! After all this is the month for horrors, terrors, scary things that go bump in the night. You know that Congress has started the Halloween season early. Oh yeah, and incidentally, our Facebook connections are being mapped! can't forget the NSA.

Obamacare Exchanges Operating Today

Actually several rules are already in effect. The Affordable Care Act is the law that created Insurance exchanges which opened for business on October 1. "Even with a government shutdown, the exchanges will open as scheduled on Oct. 1. The money the federal government is using to run them doesn't rely on appropriations from Congress." Read More: (our search parameters)

Looking for one Exchange, and showing you how to search for yours: (our State Exchange search)

Tracking the Shutdown: Day 1: As the games continue

Costs? Up to a billion dollars a day...300 million expected cost for today. But Congress will get paid, so no worries right?

Congressional popularity hits all time low. Ten percent! Even below car salesmen.

USA Today: Video and FIVE things you need to know about the shutdown:
Shutting down the US government begins tomorrow:
NBC: What might happen with the shutdown:
From the Guardian:
CNN:17 PICTURES: Hot Potato: The pictures are a who is who in this battle. There are also 4 videos and one story. Each picture has its own sidebar story.
the Congressional Research Service had determined the health care reforms would be funded even if there was government shutdown "because there are alternate sources of revenue that could be used to keep it going.

CNN: Double Doomsday Shutdown
ABC: That shutdown? Oh and remember the Debt default on October 17. Put THAT on your calendar too.

Fake Filibuster from Cruz:
Ah the rules... Will Ted Cruz Shut down the Government?
New polls:
  • Politico:
  • Huffington: Rasmussen Poll:
    We went poll searching and add this one on general approval ratings:

    The stories will continue to harass us all on our fav news networks. Can we sue? The politicians continue to screw around with OUR country. Will OUR government shutdown? September 30 is the date, but shutdown planning is how our tax dollars are getting spent. Too many politicians don't really care. All they care about is getting their own way. When did we start electing 2 yr. olds to Congress? Oh YEAH... at the Tea Party. We just didn't know it was the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! And for that matter, do you the voter really care?

    Shutdown, etc., etc. :

    Obamacare or the Affordable heath care act continues to be of importance to consumers, business, and politicians. We have two stories, one on Walgreen going to private health care exchanges and one story for consumers on basics we all WILL need to know.

    . OBAMACARE for Consumers:
    ABC: Q & A on Health Care

    Clinton Global Initiative: A conversation on Health Care
    This is a 57 minute video that provides more explanation on the Affordable Health Care Act. It clearly explains budget impact, the hopes, some concerns, and is a sales video too.

    ABC's simple slideshow explanation. It is worth the look. news reports are showing that costs are below the expected costs. The Insurance Game appears to be all about the amount of the deductable to my eyes...

    Our earlier story on Obamacare:


    The Comics change Daily! Sadly the second site does not present as much initial content with the editorial cartoons.

    Real Poverty in America

    NBC has featured this for months. With the political games in Washington, it is time our readers looked at how much worse it can get. The real question is WHY we don't deal with real problems instead of creating and fabricating unnecessary ones. We understand that there are real, dedicated people working on poverty, violence and many other significant issues that affect us here in America, and also in incredible numbers around the world.

    Storms and Earthquakes

    We created a few weather searches so we - and our readers - could keep up on the latest devastation news happening too often these days around the world. We may play with our search parameters. It doesn't seem to be sorting the stories very well.




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