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This is our CVN Poetry and literature index page. We will use this page to link to other pages, sites, and who knows what all we will bring you in the future.

Paris is a classic literary location for writers. It is certainly only one center of poetic activity. There are currently and have been many others over the years. Keep watching we might even write up some of those stories for this section. Our introduction here will no doubt change and evolve over time. For our initial introduction today, it is good enough.

Poetry should be accessible to all. Some isn't, Some is. Poetry and music speak to the soul, the spirit, to our inner selves. Poetry elicits emotion. Well done, poetry conveys what the poet intends to offer to the reader or listener and then, goes on beyond that to draw more from the reader/listener. Great poetry involves the author and the reader or listener in an honest intellectual and emotional journey. There is a great deal involved in our communication with both poetry and individual poets.

Bars have often been part of the literary scene, but they are far from being the only location, or scene to create literature. Writing has been an individual activity for most of its history. The stories of drunk artists, writers, musicians, painters, etc. are legendary. This could be another wonderful story link for these pages. We introduce our poetry and literature scene with a series of links that offer much more information. We hope you will have as much fun as we do exploring, reflecting, and learning from the links below:

Our CVN Poetry Features

We introduce our poetry page with our first feature, an example on Translating Poetry. Our Editor takes you through the process he used, first showing you the Original in French, a friend's translation, his translation and examples from using online free translation software sites. See it all at

Literature movements and time periods

History of Poetry

Our first link is a Fun Site for quick review or introduction with ba wealth of information:
This one is a beautiful site, full of information, links and classic poetry:
Next up are more traditional expositions on the history of poetry:
This final one is a site we discovered that has poetry, and short background stories about the poem. To find those poems, click the links at the top, or the site map link to see what Demaris has to offer..

Poetry Videos and Audio Recordings

Modern Poets. Watch them and hear these poets read their own poetry
Seamus Heaney

Audios of Famous poets with lots of videos about poetry and video archives

Videos About poets
Collected Virtual News: Poetry Pages