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All Saints Day!

¡ Día de los Muertos !

Today's News

Join us for a look at Bing's picture of the Library Of Congress Great Hall. NaNoWriMo Starts, Time Change Sunday, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, and Five Things Compared.

We kept:Boston Wins World Series, Our Halloween page, War of the Worlds turns 75. Marmaray: Istanbul to??, National Cat Day, Polls, polls, and more polls. Winter Olympics in 100 days. Lost World... in Australia! Canceled or Renewed: TV Shows, Top Seven Beer Drinking States, and we continue to add to our Halloween section with Dead Guy's Dream, oh yes and we have Comics too!

BING Picture of the Day

Today Bing's picture of the Library Of Congress Great Hall. We check this feature daily and continue to be impressed with the beauty found around the world. Take a look if you dare...

NaNoWriMo Starts

jdb tells us "People around the world are pounding on their keyboard towards their goal of 50,000 words by then end of November 30. They will record their word count and post it daily. These writers will battle family, friends, jobs, computer errors, no internet access and their story to get the job done. Their comments, pleas for help and word count will be posted at This year the site says 214,999 writers have signed up to participate. My word count so far? Zero!"

Time Change Sunday

Daylight saving time ends as we roll back our clocks one hour in most States in the US at 2 AM on Sunday November 3. There is no change in Hawaii, Arizona with exceptions, Midway Atoll, Wake Island, and a small region of Alaska.


All Saints Day

Search for all Saints Day November 1:

Day of the Dead

Día de los Muertos. "The Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico can be traced back to a precolumbian past." November 1 & 2: Day of the Dead or día de los muertos

Five Things Compared

It is fun to compare. We'll keep updating CNN and USA Today, but this article continues to move down! USA Today does have this feature today. The other three sites auto update, which is nice! USA Today's is the most different in US news. Canada's CBC audio is the most different to US listeners.

USA Today: Friday's "5 things to know .
BBC "one minute news" (about 1:30 with ad: video:

CBC: Audio 2 min news:

Boston Wins World Series

The series lasted six games. The Boston Red Sox took an early lead and went on to win the series 4-2. David Ortiz tied the record for intentional walks and won MVP.

Over a week ago, we brought you our archeological discovery of the World Series Cup!!! lol No one cared.

Choose your own World Series news source :) Here is our search:

Our CVN Halloween Page

If you haven't seen it, take a look:

War of the Worlds turns 75

See part of the videoed news conference with Orson Welles following the radio broadcast from 50 years ago. ABC has a nice follow up video too, followed by great hoaxes.

Marmaray: Istanbul to??

Currently the new undersea Rail connected Asia and Europe yesterday. It allows passengers to travel between Yenikapi, a port and a quarter in Istanbul, Turkey, and Ibrahimaga, Turkey.
Read Wiki for more:

National Cat Day

Your cat is expecting great things today. Our dog, not so much. Twenty-four cute cat pix and a letter to their owned humans.

Winter Olympics in 100 days

Will they be ready?

Polls, polls, and more polls

Who is on the right side of history? What will this division among Americans do? Where is American opinion headed. All these are fun speculations, and sobering possibilities. More polls: a Bing search for October 2013 polls:

Lost World... in Australia!

Three new species discovered:

Canceled or Renewed: TV Shows

A screen show that tells us which shows have been canceled or renewed and where(other networks) a few of them will be found next year!

Top Seven Beer Drinking States

A video that may surprise you!


We found a one stop news source. We think it works better than just grabbing stories. Think we will keep it! This will likely remain a constant news attack point until January's budget talks take front stage, center again:

The Comics

The Comics change Daily! Sadly the second site does not present as much initial content with the editorial cartoons.

The Supreme Court Current Session

Here is a search to keep up with news from John Roberts and the Supremes!

Storms and Earthquakes

We created a few weather searches so we - and our readers - could keep up on the latest devastation news happening too often these days around the world. We may play with our search parameters. It doesn't seem to be sorting the stories very well.




Older Projects

We do have several older, ongoing projects that need work on and they are listed below. Each will be changing over the next year. We will alert you when each is ready. Anyone want to help?

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