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Welcome to jdb's Author page 2.

Our Publications are full of creativity, exploration, resources, and having fun . This static page may be updated annually, or as needed. Edited November 16, 2014

The Original Plan

THE Plan is the same as when I started gathering readers and critiques in September of 2013. I am posting simple short stories as I enter the publication waters. I hope to publish four different ones in 2014, each a possible book or series and see what kind of reception I get. I'll post my publications on both author pages too.

Published Books!

My nonfiction book Having Fun Reading Aloud ( is now in the Smashwords premium catalog.

Having Fun Reading Aloud was first published on November 9, 2014

Eyes on the World is available free on Smashwords.

I published my first book, a short story, in a series called "Ladder to Where" on Amazon: Eyes on the World is at ( ) The publication date was June 17th. This Sci-fi/adventure series has several more episodes planned.

The plan continues to publish a picture book. It is still in the coming-down-the-road category. It will be my first story -just one- for children. A second illustrated book for children is also expected down the road.

Electronic publication readers

Do you need an e-reader? I have kindle, kindle for pc software, Adobe Digital Editions:
. For those who do not have the e-reader software for their desktop or laptop, Here are software URLS for both Mac and PC. There are also apps for almost any device out there.

Smashwords allows multiple extensions and EPUB is an international standard. Adobe Digital Editions is free. It reads PDF and EPUB. It is good for most versions off electronic books, although I prefer the Kindle mobi extension experience.: Kindle for Mac:
My personal favorite is Kindle for PC download. Kindle for PC uses a mobi extension. :

An Explanation of Feedback

... for current and future Readers... The purpose of having the help of readers before publishing is the process may make the writing better. Each reader brings different skills, perspectives, and perceptions.

Here is a laundry list of possibilities that readers can offer. Know that I will always want help. It is ALL about feedback. I need for readers to tell me what they find, see, understand, like, and don't like about any story they review. I ask for readers to give me feedback in whatever ways work for Them. I will also ask followup questions! Even "IDK!!" is an acceptable, if frustrating response.

What do people who critique do?

(There is repetition here, I AM a teacher*grin*)

A Laundry List of Possibilities

  • ask questions
  • Tell ME What You Think about the story, the site, anything!!
  • correct those grammar goofs and errors
  • find those "oopsies", typos
  • show the writer what you don't understand
  • ask questions
  • Tell ME What You Think about the story, the site, anything!!
  • point out errors in plotting, details, or how the story moves
  • tell the writer what works for the reader
  • tell the writer what doesn't work for the reader
  • ask questions
  • Tell ME What You Think about the story, the site, anything!!
  • make suggestions, as in "have you thought about..."
  • comment on or question the beginning, the middle of the story, and the end
  • comment on how well or poorly the story moves along. Does the story keep you wanting to read it?
  • comment on any parts of the story that interest you, or lose your interest
  • ask questions!
  • Tell ME What You Think about the story, the site, anything!!

You Can Contact Us

WAYS TO CONTACT: The simplest way is to add me as a friend on Facebook. Nothing is ever really simple, is it.

If you see one of my daily set of links posted to a friend of yours, you can click on my name, or perhaps even add your request for a specific story under the link in comments.

Leave a Facebook message for John D. Boyden (look for my picture, probably under John Boyden), use our feedback page, or email me -the author- at )
Please include any nickname (or your real name) you want to use and please state CVN as your subject! Thank you in advance.

Hobbs, NM

We Binged Hobbs for you. We want to share our city with you.
Let's start with pictures! Those are always fun.
Some of our History and mug shots Although how mug shots get into this is kind of strange!. We also have some local businesses, our schools a few of our elementary schools and colleges, and entertainments. Here are mostly residential pictures from Hobbs, although they also manage to creep into most other areas of our searches.
Here are multiple Maps of Hobbs

and, finally, a few websites:
The city of Hobbs
Agnes Kastner Head Community Center AKA the Hobbs Senior Center.
Our Theater: The Eagle 9 Theater