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Today is Monday, July 1, 2013

Today's News

July is here for 31 summer days (Except for those on the other side "enjoying winter"). Today our issue continues with more of our summer flavors. No responses yet to our July 4 poll. We've added MORE searches: a search for Free Kindle books (now that we have the pc app), added a search for Australian winter pictures and one search for Australian music!

Lots of photos!

Australian Winter photography search:

Do you remember when the first 'vette was a concept car and what it was like? Just a few photos here but WOW!

A Legendary Photographer Dies, but the photos live on.

More photos: this link holds the archives of different photo spreads. Take a look!

Twenty-six in this CBS version:

Pictures are a joy to behold. The people sorting through pictures at NBC are doing a great job of selecting and reporting on what they use. Sadly, they don't always have a story to go with the picture.

Songs? Give Us Songs!

Here is a bing search for youtube Aussie music:

Here is a Bing search on youtube for Summer songs! Have fun!! We hated the first set, but liked Chad & Jeremy. Go figure, right? The variety of summer favorites is awesome. ...and alllllllllll those links on the side bar! It's a wonderful way to web page.

Do you know or recall the Pixies? We missed them while we were working apparently. Here is a brand new song and video.

Time magazine says it has the best 25 videos of the year so far. We glanced through the list and barely recognized two. What do you think? Post under our publishing promo with your comments.


What's summer without BOOKS?!
Kindle free books search:

Hot Dog!

What's summer without hot dogs?! Are you eating less? We aren't here. We are eating more!

CBS: 16 Essential Films about Summer

It is always fun to look at lists and recall movies we have seen. You can quibble over the order, complain about left out movies, go rent or watch them or whatever!

Odd News

We're keeping this as a daily feature.


Now you can go directly to the SCOTUS website and check on past decisions by the court. This is a fabulous reference for students and teachers.

Here is a pdf of the Voting Act decision that restricts what the Federal government can do to protect voting abuses.

The four key cases may be revealed this week:

What's happening at the Supreme Court? Check out our Bing Search:

Solar Impulse Rests

Nothing new right now. Next step will be in early July. They continue their flight break in Washington. Solar Impulse will continue its journey. Our look this morning had the flight live button active but showed nothing. Perhaps when they update.

Here is background and flight status information:

The flight video is usually LIVE on the internet:

Transparency or Secrecy

Guardian: Lots to read and view, if you are interested.

Older Projects

We do have several older, ongoing projects that need work on and they are listed below. Each will be changing over the next year. We will alert you when each is ready. Anyone want to help?

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