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We've been looking forward to this issue on Archeology. Then we saw the story on Mammoth blood and had to add it. There have been a lot of discoveries over the last few years, and we think these stories represent a few of the latest.

Siberian Mammoth Blood

As more than one person has asked me, "Why would we clone Mammoths?" I tease by suggesting Mammoth steaks and pet Mammoths, and let it go. Why indeed. Part of the answer to these questions will be because we can. Scientists want to develop effective cloning methodologies, find ways to improve the process, and this is a new opportunity. Beyond that are all the ideas., suggested theories, and gathered information about Mammoths. This could be an opportunity to learn more about the animal.

How History Changes

It is discoveries like this that cause reassessment of what we think we know about the past. These two retired amateurs also show that age is not a hindrance.

Princess of the Scythians

There is a link to a couple other stories within this article. Our link below the story is on the Scythians.


Teaching the Next Generation

This story from Indiana shows ways of taking a middle school education and applying it to the job of archeologist. The schedule of activities and the processes used within them are certainly enlightening.

Ancient Irish Settlement

Isn't it amazing what you can do from home? This discovery may provide some future news.

Curious about the World in Tech?

Take a look at this blog we found. Just scanning the headlines is fun! We're going to hunt out a few more!

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